Conference reviews 5 years implementation of Resolution 73-NQ/DUVHL on February 3, 2017 of VAST Party Committee on "improvement of training associated with scientific research and technology development"

On May 17, 2022, the Party Committee of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) held a conference to review the 5-year implementation of Resolution 73-NQ/DUVHL DUVHL on February 3, 2017 of VAST Party Committee on "improvement of training associated with scientific research and technology development.”

The event drew the participation of representatives of the Standing Board of VAST Party Committee, leaders of VAST, leaders of VAST Party Committee Office and some affiliated units.

Right after promulgating Resolution 73-NQ/DUVHL, VAST Party Committee popularized and deployed it throughout the party committee. The implementation of Resolution 73 has created synchronous and positive changes in the fields of training and scientific research, making an important contribution to the successful implementation of the political tasks of affiliated units  in particular and VAST in general.

Over the past 5 years, Party committees at all levels have led and directed units to implement the Resolution with main contents such as: renewing training methods; strengthening cooperation with many domestic and international training institutions; sharing infrastructure, research and laboratory equipment; strengthening close coordination between training institutions and specialized research institutes in enrollment, training, management, scientific research, and students' thesis; giving start-up support, funding for creative ideas and useful solutions; maintaining and promoting information and communication activities in order to connect and create an interactive environment between training institutions and specialized research institutes, faculties, departments, lecturers and students; building learning resources and reference materials for students and trainees; renewing and enhancing international publishing and publishing activities.

The results show that the affiliated training and research units have actively built up linkage and cooperation mechanisms, flexibly deploying them to promote their professional advantages, and effectively use VAST’s resources in training. Undergraduate and postgraduate training, reviewing and appointing the title of Professor, Associate Professor have achieved many remarkable results; A team of high-quality lecturers from scientists at specialized research institutes has been established and developed; The system of facilities, equipment, and laboratories has been enhanced to be exploited and used for training.     

From the achieved results and difficulties during the implementation process, the summary report provides solutions to continue implementing the Resolution in the near future.

Photo at the conference

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
Link to Vietnamese version

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