Conference reports preliminary 1results of the 8th joint survey trip between Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Russian Academy of Sciences by "Academician Oparin" vessel in the territorial waters of Vietnam

After docking at Nha Trang port, the Russian scientific research vessel named "Academician Oparin" set sail with 36 Vietnamese and Russian scientists to carry out a voyage to survey marine biodiversity and biochemistry in the territorial waters of Vietnam from May 18, to June 7, 2023. This is the fourth joint survey trip in the "Roadmap for cooperation in marine research in the period 2018-2025" between Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Division, as well as the 8th survey trip by the vessel "Academician Oparin" between the two sides in the territorial waters of Vietnam, and also the first activity implementing the cooperation agreement between the two Academies approved at the 24th session of the Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Committee in April 2023.

With the goal of supplementing and updating data on biodiversity, potential to regenerate resources and maintain aquatic seed sources; collecting specimens for biochemical and microbiological research, searching for biologically active substances, assessing environmental quality concentrated in deep seas, shoals and offshore islands, Vietnamese and Russian scientists have surveyed 11 areas from Nha Trang to Ba Ria – Vung Tau, carried out bottom raking to collect samples at 8 stations, survey diving at 20 stations and obtained 3640 marine life samples, 4240 measurement data and 4044 documentary photos. During this survey trip, scientists of VAST brought some modern equipment such as Trios to measure the reflectance spectrum of seawater.

Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, delivers opening speech at the conference 

In his opening remarks, Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, highly appreciated the efforts, organization, coordination of activities and mutual support in each work at sea to jointly complete the tasks of scientists of the two Academies. With the return of in-person organization after nearly 5 years (Oparin 6 Workshop held in-person in 2018 and Oparin 7 Workshop held online in 2021), the Conference is an opportunity for the two Academies to share data collected during the survey trip, is an important premise for scientists of the two sides to develop a plan to coordinate and further analyze a large number of samples that have been obtained. In his message to the workshop, Prof. Acad. Yury Kulchin, Vice President of Russian Academy of Sciences and President of the Far Eastern Division, said that the friendly relationship between Vietnam and the Russian Federation is a very special relationship, which is evident in scientific cooperation with values for both sides. The Pacific Institute of Organic Biochemistry, which led the Oparin 8 survey trip, collaborated with 8 research units under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to jointly carry out the most important studies on the biodiversity of the East Sea, including coral populations and coral reefs, collect algae, microalgae and microorganisms in search of new sources of biologically active compounds. The reports at the workshop provided an overview of cooperation activities, emphasizing that the joint survey trips contributed significantly to affirming the importance of scientific cooperation for strengthening relations between Russia and Vietnam.

At the conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Long, Head of the scientific delegation of Vietnam, and Dr. Dmitrii Palageev, head of the scientific delegation of the Russian Federation, reported the initial results of the survey trip, followed by detailed reports of scientific teams. In addition to the preliminary results of the Oparin 8 survey trip, the conference updated the biodiversity studies and assessment results, searched for bioactive compounds from samples obtained during the Oparin 7 survey trip, and oriented the development of comparative studies in the last two survey trips.



Report on the results of the survey trip at the conference

Scientists from both sides also plan to continue working together to carry out research contents on species diversity on shoals and coral reefs; assessing species diversity in some deep seas; assessing the current state of coral reefs; assessing the current status and possibility of replenishing the herd and spreading it to neighboring areas; assessment of the potential for isolation of biologically active substances from certain marine species; assessment of the content of certain persistent organic compounds and the ability to accumulate microplastics in marine samples and sediments; and surveying the field distribution of seaweed and seagrass for satellite image interpretation. The analysis results will be jointly used by scientists of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Russian Academy and published in prestigious scientific journals. Following the success of the previous 7 survey trips, the 8th joint survey promises to provide useful information on the situation of biodiversity, biochemistry and environment in the deep seabed in the southern region of Vietnam as well as continue to affirm the sustainable traditional cooperation between Vietnam and the Russian Federation in the field marine science.

Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh presents flowers to the two survey leaders of Vietnamese and Russian sides

Taking souvenir photo 

Translated by Phuong Ha
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