Conference on space technology and application

On 19 December 2014, a conference on space technology and application took place at the Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) with the participation of Prof. Duong Ngoc Hai, VAST Vice President; Dr. Nguyen Xuan Lam, Head of the Department of National Remote Sensing under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Prof. Nguyen Khoa Son, Head of the program on space science and technology, together with a number of other scientists concerned in space technology.


The conference whole scene

Over two years after its implementation, the program on space science and technology has conducted research in a wide range of subject areas and achieved laudable results in both basic and applied research. Together with other activities, the conference assessed the achievements gained and more importantly it assessed the remaining work needed to be realized for the program’s goals over the next 2 years.

The conference covered 52 reports on the main subject of applying space technology to serve economics, society, security and national defence: study to apply satellite data to model, forecast and give warnings on natural disasters, control natural resources and environment as well as climate change, serving sustainable development, expanding GIS applications and the global positioning system satellite system. The conference laid out a study to receive and develop small earth observing satellite technology and earth station technology such as optical payload devices, computers on satellites, mechanical structure, subsystem of control and stabilization of satellite posture, technology on design and manufacturing of systems on receiving and analysing satellite signals, manufacturing of super-small satellites serving training, and technology on satellite launching. Basic research gives orientation on application and development of technology relating to space science and technology such as software on photo adjustment, control, mechanics, space environment, energy, and satellite information.

Scientists present reports during the conference

The conference was a forum for scientists from research institutes, universities and applied agencies to exchange new results in research and development of technical infrastructure and application of space technology in socio-economic fields, contributing to train and develop the human resources in the field of research and application of space technology in our country.


Taking commemorative photograph

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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