CIC Director wins outstanding CIO award Southeast Asia in 2014

On 2 December 2014, Dr. Pham Hong Quang, Director of the Center for Informatics and Computing (CIC) under the Vietnam Association of Science and Technology (VAST) was honoured one of 20 individuals who won the outstanding Chief Information Officer/Chief Security Officer (CIO/CSO) award of Southeast Asia in 2014 at the Conference and 10th awarding ceremony of outstanding CIO/CSO in Southeast Asia in 2014 jointly held by the International Data Group (IDG) and CEO & CIO Club.

Certificate “CIO Award Southeast Asia” for Dr. Pham Hong Quang – one of individuals getting outstanding CIO award in 2014


VAST is a leading agency of the country in scientific research and technological development, playing a motive force role in the national scientific and technological system, and carries out basic but comprehensive research on natural science and technological development to the high standard. In its planning strategy, information technology (IT) is identified as one of the seven spearhead scientific and technological orientations needing to be focused on for development. To serve research work as well as the administrative management of the academy, the building of an IT infrastructure is a very important task.


However, before 2009, the VAST IT infrastructure was poor compared to other ministerial agencies. In particular, the academy’s inadequate website had not been improved for many years; there was a backward email service and no electric portal or IT system serving the administrative and management activities in the academy. The basic reason was that the academy did not have an agency specialising in IT serving the activity of the whole academy.


Realising the weakness, Professor Chau Van Minh, VAST President, signed decision 107/QD-KHCNVN on 16 February 2009 to establish an informatics centre, the forerunner of the current CIC. At that time, the informatics centres was responsible for assisting the VAST President in managing the IT applications for the whole academy; building and managing the network infrastructure, integrating data and website; studying solutions to applications belonging to informatics, information networks and data integration, etc, to serve the management and direction work of the VAST President.


Five years after its operation, despite no source of capital reserved only for IT applications, with only limited investment from the capital for the field of science and technology, the CIC has always actively realised its assigned tasks. The centre has designed, carried out and successfully developed the essential IT infrastructure with basic IT application systems serving the study and administrative management activities of VAST, making contributions to the VAST common IT application achievements over the past time. The achievements are listed as follows:


• Designing and investing in the building of VAST Campus cable system, managing synchronously the communications infrastructure which helps to computerise activities of the academy, increase the management efficiency and scientific study activities of the academy.
• Successfully carrying out the project on developing VAST portal, contributing to increase information and technology applications in VAST activities. In addition, supplementary services have been developed, including the email system which has dominant feature of safety and data security and serves over 3,000 users; the Vast-Office system ensuring easy, rapid and economical transport of documents, making VAST leaders’ management work prompt and precise.
• Successfully developing the VAST IT development planning until 2020, and developing its orientations for development of the IT infrastructure, thus increasing the efficiency in the investment.
• Successfully building the first phase of the VAST scientific computing system and carrying out the project on developing the specialised scientific computing on the basis of high efficiency computers to share resources at VAST, contributing to create strong steps of renewal in terms of technology, promoting scientific study with high intelligence content, effectively serving socio-economic fields, security and national defence, developing the human resources with high qualifications in scientific computing, satisfying the demand for national integration.
• Carrying out the project on investment and development of the VAST Centre for Data Integration and the Centre for high efficiency computing at the national scale with modern computing technology at a rate of 50 Tflops and specialising in graphics processing.


Talking about the above achievements is talking about the leading role of "the maestro", Dr. Pham Hong Quang, CIC Director. Having spent 25 years in IT area  his dedication to the development of the VAST and the national IT industry, Dr. Pham Hong Quang has not only led the young CIC engineers to overcome the initial difficulties to fulfill their duties assigned by the VAST President but he has also helped the engineers grow and reach farther down  the road in IT applications and computer technology, creating products with high usability and bringing practical benefits to society.


The studies "Building intelligent traffic system structure and the standard of information technology, communications, controls applied in intelligent traffic system in Vietnam"; "railway safety alarm system nationwide; numerical MPI - HRM meteorological forecasting systems,"... are outstanding studies which are appreciated by Dr. Pham Hong Quang and the CIC. With his works, Dr. Pham Hong Quang has been awarded many prestigious awards for information, communications and technology internationally as well as domestically such as the Gold Cup APICTA (Award of application of information, communications and technology in industry in Asia Pacific), first prize of VIFOTEC award, the merit of the Prime Minister ...


Dr. Pham Hong Quang in CIO/CSO awarding ceremony Southeast Asia in 2014


The CIO/CSO Southeast Asia award, the prestigious IT award by the International Data Group (IDG) is held annually and aimed at seeking and honouring CIOs and CSOs in State agencies, social organizations and enterprises who have gained excellent achievements in the organization, management and application of information technology as well as information security, making important contributions to innovation, development and increase of the operational efficiency in the agencies and enterprises. Selection criteria of laureates is that they are leaders of information and technology and information security in the Southeast Asian countries who has made a positive contribution to the information technology and information security industry in at least 3 consecutive years by the time of the polls.


Some outstanding CIO/CSO laureates Southeast Asia


Dr. Pham Hong Quang, CIC Director of VAST having been voted as one of 20 outstanding individuals representing the most influential role to the development of information, communications and technology of the ASEAN countries in 2014 is the honour for Dr. Pham Hong Quang personally, and the event marks the development of information and technology application activities in VAST in general.


Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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