Biogas cellar for private households

From 2008 to 2010, the Center for New and Renewable Energy, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences has been carrying out the project “Finish technology and build Biogas cellars in private households within rural breeding areas concentrated in Ha Nam province”. Its goal is to acknowledge, finish and improve technology for rural areas in Vietnam. And then, to increase effectiveness in production, reduce environmental pollution caused by breeding conditions and improve the livelihood for farmers. This was considered as a trial held by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, in which, Mr. Tran Khac Tuyen, Director of the Center for New and Renewable Energy was the team leader.

In principles models of the Biogas cellar system set and implemented by Center for New and Renewable Energy differs in some features compared to traditional cellars, such as, the balancing tank is divided into two separate parts, balancing and dust exhaust cells.

In comparison with prevailing Biogas models, this Biogas cellar system for private households contains some preeminent features:
•    Simple in construction;
•    Persistent structure, ensuring water and oil anti-leakage powered by anti-leakage adhesive, increasing air power;
•    Self-capacity in dust exhaust, not allowing dust clods,  self- disrupt surface scum system;
•    Highly productive gas power, stable in all weather conditions;
•    Advanced H¬2S eliminator helps to increase Biogas quality, lengthen livelihood of kitchen equipment, cooker, lighting…
•    Small land space, saves labor;
•    Helps to protect health, kills disease-causing germs.
•    Comprehensive and specialized equipment for gas use help to ensure reliability;
•    Comprehensive after-sales service. Guarantee of gas power tunnel, balancing tank for10 years. Maintain system to 15 years.
•    Pressure measuring equipment, burning stove, light, super-speed kettle, heater, generator manufactured exclusively for Biogas.

Immediately upon technical approval, Center for New and Renewable Energy formerly approved Biogas cellar to private households for use and maintenance. Initial operation results showed that gas power was very good, pressure gauge stood at 12-13 kPa level (1Pa~N/m2), equivalent to outside temperature ranging from 25 to 340 C. In regards to supplying cooking carburant, it was also effective in respect to society and environmental protection.

Now Biogas cellar models for private households researched and approved by Center for New and Renewable Energy, Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Technology have been built and technology transferred into in such districts as Binh Luc, Thanh Liem, Kim Bang, Ly Nha, Duy Tien with a total of 100 cellars.




Constructing Biogas cellars in Binh Luc


Based on surveys, assessing results submitted by districts, these cellars have been put into use with exceedingly good results. All households allowing the assembly and transferred technology of the advanced biogas cellars acknowledged their superior technology and smooth operational techniques.

Moreover, on implementation, enthusiastically guided by officers involved, many labor teams were trained, and learned they could construct and assemble advanced biogas models of the project themselves.


Officers at Center for New and Renewable Energy support implementation of innovative Biogas models


Translated by Hoang Lien
Link to Vietnamese version

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