Atlas of natural conditions, natural resources and environment in Vietnam’s marine waters and its surroundings

A atlas of natural conditions, natural resources and environment in Vietnamese territorial waters and its surroundings is a collection of maps which show the results of sea research by Vietnamese scientists over 30 years, selected from more than 300 maps in many fields of sea research.

The atlas is a system of maps which have an organic relationship with each other and supplement each other in both content and form, creating a valuable and united product. This helps to systematically conduct research about natural conditions and environments in Vietnam’s marine waters and its surroundings.



The atlas is divided into three main parts: the first is about sea geophysics and geology, the second is about sea meteorology and hydrography, the third is about marine biological diversification and seafood resources.

Maps of geophysics and geology are edited according to the scale of 1: 1,000,000 and 1:2,000,000, consisting of maps about the depth, geomorphology, geology and tectonics, seabed surface expression, structure in ground under the sea, movement of the earth’s crust, and potential minerals and energy in the ground under Vietnam’s sea.

Maps of hydrometeorology are edited according to the scale of 1: 4,000,000, explaining dynamic processes and oceanographically physical elements such as flow, temperature and the salinity of sea water distributed according to standards: 0 metre, 50 metres, 150 metres, and greater, representing seas in the course of a year. Tide maps are described according to spatial distribution with major specific characteristics in intensity and altitude, to provide overall data about the renewable energy of Vietnamese marine waters and its surroundings. Maps about sea meteorology mainly describe the field of pressure and air temperature according to the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. These are main elements of sea-air interaction, which create dynamic effects and marine environmental context.

Maps of biodiversity and seafood sources are edited according to the scale 1: 4,000,000, featuring sea biodiversity such as floating creatures, Chlorophyll – A, reefs, sea lawns, sea biological productivity and maps about marine sources.

These are rare documents for managers and exploiters of natural resources, policy makers, companies which have had works on seas such as petrol, sea transportation, researchers, students, coastal localities in the management, exploitation and research about marine potentials. The altas also contributes to sharing information among fields, and localities as well as nations. It is rare document for libraries, sectors, universities and international organizations. This scientific product is inspected and completed for publication by the Publisher of Natural Sciences and Technology to meet reference standards in scientific research, training and development planning and other reference demands.




Translated by Tuyet Nhung
Link to Vietnamese Version

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