A new species of treefrogs from the Hoang Lien Mountain, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

A new species of treefrogs genus Theloderma was discovered by a group of American and Vietnamese herpetologists from the Hoang Lien Mountain of northwestern Vietnam. The name of this new species, Theloderma lateriticum Bain, Nguyen & Doan 2009, is originated from the Latin adjective lateriticum, referring to the brick-red color of the dorsum.

Theloderma lateriticum. Photo: Nguyen Quang Truong


The type specimen was collected in 2004 during the cooperation survey between the American Museum of Natural History (USA) and the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (Vietnam).


This is a small-sized treefrog with the following diagnostic characters: snout-vent length 23.5 mm; tympanum distinct; foot webbing minimal; dorsum brick-red; and the male without vocal sacs.


A single specimen was found at night inside a water-filled chamber of bamboo, which was within disturbed, submontane, semi-evergreen forest at an altitude from 1300 to 1400 m.


Odorrana geminata. Photo: Nguyen Quang Truong


Full article was published in the Zootaxa (No. 2191, 2009), a mega-journal for zoological taxonomists in the world. After the description of Odorrana geminata by Bain et al. (2009) from Ha Giang and Cao Bang provinces, this is the second new species of frogs from northern Vietnam in this year.


Source: MSc. Nguyen Quang Truong
Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources
Editor: Minh Tam

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