A new species of the genus Gekko in Southern Vietnam

A new gecko species of Gekko was discovered in Cuc Dong Cape, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province, Southern Vietnam. The full article was published in Zootaxa (No. 3219, 2011).

Truong’s Gecko Gekko truongi Phung & Ziegler, 2011, is characterized by the following morphological features: snout-ventral length 89.8–95.9 mm; supralabials 13–15; dorsal tubercles absent; lateral folds well developed; scales between mental and cloaca 160–172; ventrals 35 or 36; subdigital lamellae under fourth toe 15–17; fingers and toes with webbing at base; precloacal pores in males 10 or 11; number of transverse dorsal scale rows in the middle of the third caudal whorl 11; no prominent light postocular stripe; dorsum grey with dark pattern and light blotches and lines.

The new species was named after Dr. Nguyen Quang Truong from the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources in Hanoi, in recognition of his numerous and groundbreaking scientific contributions towards a better understanding of the amphibian and reptilian fauna of Vietnam.

Truong’s Gecko Gekko truongi and its habitat in Cuc Dong Cape, Khanh Hoa Province. Photos: Phung My Trung


Source: Vietnam National Museum of Nature

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