A new species of the genus Cyrtodactylus in Northern Vietnam

The genus Cyrtodactylus is the most diverse group of gekkonids with the descriptions of more than 20 new species in Vietnam since 1997. Another new gecko species of Cyrtodactylus was described from My Duc District, Hanoi, northern Vietnam by an author group from the Forestry University of Vietnam, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources in Hanoi, and Cologne Zoo (Germany). The species name is originated from the locality, Huong Son Mountain in Hanoi, where the type specimens were collected. The full article was published in Zootaxa (No. 3219, 2011).

The type specimens of the new species, Cyrtodactylus huongsonensis Luu, Nguyen, Do & Ziegler, 2011, were found in Huong Son limestone forest, My Duc, Hanoi at an elevation of 120 m. This species is characterized by the following morphological features: snout-ventral length 73.4–89.8 mm; dorsal pattern consisting of: a dark nuchal loop, a neck band, and five transverse body bands between fore- and hind-limbs; two enlarged lateral chinshields in contact with first postmental pair; dorsal tubercles present on occiput, body, forearms, hind limbs and tail base; 14–16 dorsal tubercle rows; ventrals in 41–48 longitudinal rows at midbody; lateral skin folds present; six precloacal pores plus in total 17 femoral pores in males, which separated by 8–12 poreless scales; enlarged femoral scales and precloacal scales present; subcaudal scales transversely enlarged.



Huongson Bent-toed Gecko Cyrtodactylus huongsonensis from My Duc District, Hanoi.
Photo: Luu Quang Vinh


Source: Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources



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