40 new plant species of the genus (Lasianthus Jack) were discovered from Vietnam

Lasianthus (Lasianthus Jack) is a large genus of the Coffee family (Rubiaceae) with more than 180 species, distributed mainly in Asia, with a few in Africa, America and Australia. In Vietnam, according to statistics of Pham Hoang Ho (2000), the genus Xu Xu has about 28 species and 4 species. Since then, scientists from the Institute of Tropical Biology under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology together with domestic and international partners have discovered, described and announced many new species of the genus. This increased the number of species of the genus Safflower to more than double compared to the previous one.

In the work "A revision of the genus Lasianthus Jack (Rubiaceae) from Vietnam" the authors of the Institute of Tropical Biology of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Center for Tropical Biosphere Research of the University of the Ryukyus, Japan, have synthesized and described many new species and new records, bringing the total number of species of the genus Skunk in Vietnam to 73 species and 4 subspecies, of which there are 40 species and below Newly discovered and described species for science from Vietnam to the present, include:

1. Lasianthus bachmaensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Bach Ma
2. L. bidoupensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Bidoup
3. L. camlamensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Cam Lam
4. L. candidus V.S.Dang, Naiki & Yahara – Lasianthus  hoa trắng
5. L. candidus subsp. hoanglienensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Yahara – Lasianthus  Hoang Lien
6. L. chevalieri subsp. gianglyensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Giang ly
7. L. chii V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Vo Van Chi
8. L. dakglaiensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Tagane – Lasianthus  Dak Glei
9. L. dienkhanhensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Dien Khanh
10. L. fansipanensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Fansipan
11. L. gialaiensis V.S.Dang, Vuong, Quan & Naiki – Lasianthus  Gia Lai
12. L. globularis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Cau
13. L. hatinhensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Yahara – Lasianthus  Ha Tinh
14. L. honbaensis V.S.Dang, Tagane & H.Toyama – Lasianthus  Hon Ba
15. L. hongiaoensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Hon Giao
16. L. kbangensis V.S.Dang, Vuong & Naiki – Lasianthus  kbang
17. L. khanhhoaensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Khanh Hoa
18. L. khanhsonensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Tagane – Lasianthus  Khanh Son
19. L. khanhvinhensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Khanh Vinh
20. L. konchurangensis V.S.Dang, T.B.Tran & T.D.Ha – Lasianthus  Kon Chu Rang
21. L. kontumensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Toyama – Lasianthus  Kon Tum
22. L. lacduongensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Lac Duong
23. L. lamdongensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Toyama – Lasianthus  Lam Dong
24. L. langbiangensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Langbiang
25. L. naikii V.S.Dang & Vuong – Lasianthus Naiki
26. L. nghiasonii V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Hoàng Nghia Son
27. L. ngoclinhensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Yahara – Lasianthus  Ngoc Linh
28. L. nhatrangensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Nha Trang
29. L. nuichuaensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Nui Chua
30. L. phamhoangii V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Pham Hoang Ho
31. L. sapaensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Sapa
32. L. sonlangensis V.S.Dang, Vuong & Quan – Lasianthus  Sơn Lang
33. L. tamdaoensis V.S.Dang – Lasianthus  Tam Dao
34. L. thuathienhuensis V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Thua Thien Hue
35. L. thuyanae V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Thuy An
36. L. tumorongensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Toyama – Lasianthus  Tu Mo Rong
37. L. vietnamensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Tagane – Lasianthus  Viet
38. L. vuquangensis V.S.Dang, Naiki & Yahara – Lasianthus  Vu Quang
39. L. yaharae V.S.Dang, Tagane & H.Tran – Lasianthus  Yahara
40. L. yersinii V.S.Dang & Naiki – Lasianthus  Yersin

Some newly discovered and described species of Safflower from Vietnam: A. Lasianthus  Hoang Nghia Son (Lasianthus nghiasonii V.S.Dang & Naiki), B. Lasianthus  Thuy an (L. thuyanae V.S.Dang & Naiki), C. Lasianthus  bidoup (L. bidoupensis V.S.Dang & Naiki), D. Lasianthus  tam đao (L. tamdaoensis V.S.Dang), E. Lasianthus  fansipan (L. fansipanensis V.S.Dang & Naiki)

The work is published in book form with ISBN code in a separate volume and issue of the specialized journal Phytotaxa, date 26/01/2023

Translated by Quoc Khanh
Link to Vietnamese version

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