30th Anniversary of Institute of Biotechnology

On the morning of 08/12/2023, the Institute of Biotechnology under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) solemnly organized its 30th anniversary. Attending the celebration were 02 Vice Presidents of VAST: Prof. Dr. Le Truong Giang and Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang Ha; representatives of leaders of units affiliated to VAST; representatives of ministries, central and local departments; domestic and foreign partners having cooperative relations with Institute of Biotechnology; former leaders, cadres and officials of the Institute of Biotechnology through the periods; and nearly all officials, officials and employees working at the Institute of Biotechnology.

Overview of the ceremony 

30 years ago, on June 19, 1993, the Institute of Biotechnology was established under Decision 21/Science and Technology of the Director of the National Center for Natural Science and Technology (now Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), on the basis of merging 4 units: Institute of Biology, Center for Human and Animal Biochemistry, Research Center for Microbiology, Research Center for Applied Biochemistry. In the journey of 30 years of construction and development, with the attention and direction of leading comrades through the periods of the Academy and the support of units inside and outside VAST, the Institute of Biotechnology has matured not only as a leading institute in the country in basic research, especially background technology in the field of biotechnology, but also an Institute with many successes in applied research and implementation. It has had development orientations through each different period, demonstrating the timely response to the development of biotechnology as well as meeting the requirements of the country's socio-economic needs over each period. 

Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang Ha, Director of Institute of Biotechnology, summarizes the process of its 30 years of construction and development

Studies of Institute of Biotechnology have provided a scientific and practical basis for scientists to succeed in selecting and creating new crop varieties with high yield, high quality and resistance to pests and diseases, especially recently successfully mastering CRISP/CAS9 genome editing technology which is considered the key technology for plant breeding and current pets; manufacture preparations to treat oil pollution and the environment by bacteria; manufacturing and screening many valuable bioactive compounds from microalgae; actively participate in the Government's project to identify the remains of martyrs lacking information with thousands of samples of remains that have been examined and returned to many relatives of martyrs; develop and master new technologies such as reverse genetic technology, actively produce domestic A/H5N1 avian influenza vaccines; successfully researching technology to improve the biosynthesis cycle of a number of biologically active substances, helping to optimize the recovery process of fermentation products or stem cell culture technology from adipose tissue and many other important national tasks.

From the topics and tasks of science and technology chaired by the Institute, its staff have actively participated in publication in domestic and international journals, with a significant increase in both quantity and quality. Since 2013 alone, the Institute has 741 international publications including 594 articles in journals on the list of SCI/SCI-E, 12 journal articles of VAST in the list of WoS/Scopus, 135 journal articles/proceedings with international codes ISSN/ISBN; 1260 domestic publications including 550 articles in journals published by VAST; 710 published in National journals with ISSN codes; 27 published books, 17 textbooks/books/monographs; Granted 86 intellectual property patents including 67 useful solutions, 17 domestic inventions and 1 international invention and 1 trademark.

With achievements in the past 30 years, the Institute of Biotechnology has been highly appreciated by the Party and the State by awarding noble titles such as the First-Class Labor Medal (1998), the Third-Class Independence Medal (2003), the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit (2007), the Second-Class Independence Medal (2008), etc, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister (2013), Second Class Labor Medal (2018), Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister (2021). In addition, many collectives and individuals were awarded noble titles of the Party, State, Government and ministries and branches.

Prof. Dr. Le Truong Giang, Vice President of VAST, gives a congratulatory speech at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Le Truong Giang, Vice President of VAST, emphasized that our country is entering a new period of development in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the task of biotechnology is increasingly important. At the same time, Vice President Le Truong Giang expressed his hope that Institute of Biotechnology would continue to promote the good tradition and build the Institute to develop more and more strongly; constantly mastering technology, developing knowledge; promote basic research directions; promote technology application, intellectual property registration, strengthen cooperation and technology transfer, and aim at commercialization of research products; enhance the quantity and quality of publications; close connection between scientific research and training of high-quality human resources; strong international cooperation in the field of biotechnology; contributing to the successful implementation of Resolution 36 of the Politburo on development and application of biotechnology for sustainable development of the country in the new situation as well as Resolution 189 of the newly promulgated Government on specific action programs, including assigning VAST to preside over the development of "Faculties Research Schemes" basic learning and development of fundamental technologies of biotechnology specific to Vietnam to meet the requirements in the new situation.

Vice President Le Truong Giang believes that, with proud traditions and valuable experience accumulated in 30 years of construction and development, each staff member working at the Institute of Biotechnology is always fully aware of their roles and responsibilities, uniting efforts to rise, successfully fulfilling assigned tasks, making worthy contributions to the overall success of VAST for the rapid and sustainable development of the country.

Other photos at the celebration:

Presenting gifts of gratitude to former leaders of Institute of Biotechnology

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Delegates speaking at the Celebration

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Translated by Phuong Ha
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