2019 Tran Dai Nghia Award launched

On September 13, 2018, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) held a ceremony to launch the Tran Dai Nghia Award in 2019, in order to honour the individual scientist who has scientific and technological works excellently applied in natural sciences and technology.

This is the second time the award has been held, following its successful launch in 2016. The scientists who received the award were recognized by the scientific community for their outstanding contributions to science, who completed or are chairing research works in 9 fields of natural sciences and technology (mathematics, mechanics, information science and computer science, physics, chemistry, life sciences, earth sciences, marine science, environmental science and energy). Award winning works must be published in prestigious international scientific journals, or patented domestically and in foreign countries. On the other hand, the candidate’s scientific work must be applied in Vietnam by the author, and be recognized to contribute or promise to bring about national high socio-economic, security and defence efficiency.


The 5-7 member Council of Award established by the VAST President’s decision operates under the principle of democracy through secret ballot. VAST  will award  authors with excellent scientific works, which have three fourths or higher percentage of the total number of council’s members.

Unlike other science and technology awards, the Tran Dai Nghia Award honors scientific works that are applied in reality. In particular, the Science Council and the Award Council consider the value of the application of the works to the economy, society and the development of Vietnamese people and country. The Tran Dai Nghia Award can be awarded to foreign scientists.


Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu, former VAST President, the founder of Tran Dai Nghia Award, speaks at the ceremony.

Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu, former VAST President and the founder of the Tran Dai Nghia Award, said that there is no limited number of awarded works. In 2016, 2 works were awarded. This year, the number of awarded works can be greater, depending on the quality of the works. In addition, the award encourages the introduction of works and introducers must be the people of the certificated and prestigious agencies and units. He confirmed that even for works applied in remote areas, the council would also have to go to the place of applied works for certification and review. The award also expects the awarded works must make outstanding contributions.


Delegates discuss Tran Dai Nghia Award

From now until December 31, 2018, the Permanent Award Agency will receive all domesic and foreign profiles, introduce candidates who have works applied in reality and bring high efficiency for Vietnam. After that, the Specialised Scientific Council will evaluate and select the best works and submit them to the Award Council for award consideration.

The second Tran Dai Nghia Award in 2019 is expected to be presented to winners on the occasion of the Day of Science and Technology (May 18), and the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.


Delegates take photo at the end of the ceremony

The information about the award is posted on the website: http://vast.ac.vn/giai-thuong-tran-dai-nghia

Translated by Phuong Huyen
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