10th anniversary of cooperation between Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Korea Scientific Research Fund (NRF)

On December 8, 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), in collaboration with Korea Research Foundation (NRF), held the "10th anniversary of VAST - NRF cooperation". This is one of a series of events within the framework of the implementation of the project "Organizing activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea in 2022" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approved by the Government in Decision 2951/VPCP-QHQT of the Government Office.

Overview of the ceremony

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Le Truong Giang, VAST’s Vice President, emphasized that after Vietnam and Korea established diplomatic relations in 1992, VAST as a science and technology organization of the Vietnamese Government has deployed many cooperation programs with leading science and technology organizations in Korea in many fields of science and technology of Korea. Cooperation activities are connected and sponsored by Korean cooperation organizations such as KOICA, KOSEF, KRF and KICOS. Under the sponsorship of these organizations, from 1996 until now, VAST has sent nearly 1,000 turns of exchange staff to study at research institutions in Korea, of which there are nearly a hundred staff members who have completed a doctoral thesis or postdoctoral research in Korea.

Prof. Dr. Le Truong Giang, Vice President of VAST, speaking at the ceremony

Vice President Le Truong Giang said that VAST officially signed a cooperation document with NRF in 2012. The partnership was developed from the foundation of cooperation with KOSEF, the organization that merged and formed NRF in 2009. In 2015, the two sides started co-financing joint research projects and up to now, the two sides have received nearly 100 cooperation proposals and co-financed 21 projects. The announcement of the comprehensive strategic partnership of Vietnam and Korea on December 5 affirms the role and importance of science and technology in the socio-economic development process of each country, agreed to promote scientific and technological cooperation in line with each country's sustainable development strategy and the new international economic environment, especially the industrial revolution 4.0 and response to climate change; biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology. Prof. Dr. Le Truong Giang expressed his pleasure when VAST and NRF agreed to continue implementing cooperation in the new phase, and hoped that Korean scientists would continue to share experiences in science and technology research and development and application of research results into practice for Vietnamese scientists in general and VAST in particular.

Mr. Ryu, Young Dae, Director of International Cooperation, NRF, speaking at the ceremony

Ms. Kim Ji-min, Asia Cooperation Specialist, NRF, summarizing the results of 10 years of cooperation between VAST and NRF

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ryu, Young Dae, Director of International Cooperation, NRF, also said that the upgrading of the cooperation relationship between Vietnam and Korea into a comprehensive strategic partnership creates an opportunity for the two organizations to continue to promote the potential of cooperation, especially in the fields where the two sides have had many joint quality research such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical or materials science. Mr. Ryu, Young Dae also expressed his hope that the two sides would continue to have more effective cooperation in the fields of training, research and application of science and technology in the new period; thereby contributing to fostering a better diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Representatives of VAST and NRF leaders exchanged Minutes of the scientific cooperation agreement between the two sides

At the ceremony, VAST and NRF exchanged Minutes of the agreement on cooperation in science, research and development, education and training between the two sides in the new period; which agreed to continue implementing co-financing for joint research projects every year in the direction of strengths of the two sides.

Discussing at the conference

In the framework of the celebration ceremony, there was also a scientific conference to review the 10-year cooperation between VAST and NRF, in which Vietnamese and Korean scientists presented joint research achievements in the fields of biodiversity and ecology; pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and information technology. The 10th anniversary of the cooperation between VAST and NRF was concluded by the seminar "From Lab to Market". Here, representatives of the Korean Embassy in Vietnam, managers from NRF, Vietnamese and Korean scientists, University of Science and Technology Hanoi (USTH), Korean company Dansan Zone Solutions, together discussed the role of science and technology in the miraculous development of Korea over the past time, problems in the digital transformation process in Korea, experience in developing scientific products in Korea and lessons with Vietnam in the framework of the seminar. The issues of training, human resource development as well as the need for high-quality scientific and technological human resources, in line with the criteria of leading Korean technology companies, were also discussed at the seminar, suggesting problems in human resource development cooperation between Vietnam and Korea.

On the basis of the increasingly close friendship between Vietnam and Korea, the cooperation between VAST and NRF is expected to continue to develop with new achievements in the future.

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Translated by Phuong Ha
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