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Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1 Evolutionary differentiation of hygrophilous and xerophilous liverworts in North Indochina: Calypogeia versus Frullania subg. Thyopsiella и F. subg. Meteoriopsis Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Sinh
2 The influence of external Mach waves on laminar-turbulent transition in a supersonic boundary layer Prof. Dr. Duong Ngoc Hai
3 Study on chemical constitutents and biological activities of Derris elliptica (Wall.) Benth Bui Thi Thu Trang
4 Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity evaluation of new sultam derivatives Dr. Vo Ngoc Binh
5 Study on fabrication, evaluation of physicochemical properties of Bi1-xMxVO4-δ (0<x<0.5) and BiV1-yMyO4-δ (0<y<0.5) materials with (M = Fe, Cu, Ni, và Co) and applicability as photocatalysts Dr. Pham Van Thinh
6 Species composition, biomass and distribution of genus Sargassum in the Southwestern sea of Vietnam Nguyen Van Tu
7 Design and Fabrication of a Humanoid Robot Head Pham Thanh Binh
8 Investigate and create spectral reflectance samples of some representative objects and surface temperature in the Northern Delta region Msc. Nguyen Van Dung
9 Commerce development of LED bulb cooled by liquid convection using in cilvil lighting. Dr. Bui Hung Thang
10 Developing a practical toolkit for attitude determination and control of satellite for space technology training MEng. Truong Xuan Hung
11 Phytochemical study and biological activity of Pandanus plant species from Vietnam Vu Duc Nam, Ph.D.
12 Conservation genetic of Cinamonmum balansae Lecomte in some nature reserves in North Vietnam Dr. Vu Dinh Duy
13 Development of computational models for Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) and Scanning Gate Microscope (SGM) in studying the electronic and local transmission properties of two-dimensional materials devices PhD. Nguyen Mai Chung
14 Study of genetic variations in Vietnamese patients with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) Do Manh Hung
15 Evaluation of antibacterial and cytotoxic activities of endophytic actinimycetes isolated from mangrove plants from Quang Ninh province Dr. Quach Ngoc Tung
16 Research on genetic modification in Vietnamese patients with Androgen insensitivity syndrome by using Next-Generation sequencing method PhD. Nguyen Thu Hien
17 Study and synthesis nano structure 2D transition metal dichalcogenides electrocatayst for hydrogen evolution reaction of Electrochemical water splitting Dr. Bui Thi Hoa
18 Investigation of the influence of Sodium doping on the characteristics of p-type SnOx films fabricated by prepared by reactive direct current magnetron sputtering Pham Hoai Phuong
19 Synthesis and bioactivity testing of some benzamide derivatives Dr. Dinh Thi Cuc
20 Investigation and synthesis of transition-metal complexes to catalyze for Hydrogen evolution by proton reduction Dr. To Hai Tung
21 A study on the potential of some plant extracts to gradually replace antibiotics in aquaculture Dr. Pham Thi Hai Ha
22 Application study of sensors based on semiconducting carbon nanotube for the evaluation of the activities of ion channels on living cells Pham Ba Viet Anh
23 Research on ultrasonic waves in multilayered anisotropic structures, applications in nondestructive evaluation and material characterization Phan Hai Dang
24 Screening for natural compounds that inhibit inflammatory cytokines through the AhR pathway on macrophage cells Tran Minh Duc
25 Study on the stimulating effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of some medicinal plants Dr. Bui Van Cuong
26 Research on control of stem end rot agent (Alternaria Spp.) on dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) in Binh Thuan by endophytic bacteria Dr. Do Quang Trung
27 Research on Holocene sedimentary evolution of the Vu Gia - Thu Bon coastal river delta, assessment and prediction of coastline changes Nguyen Thi Mong Lan
28 Studying the impact of traffic routes on flooding in coastal districts of Vu Gia-Thu Bon river basin, Quang Nam province Dr. Hoang Thanh Son
29 Research and evaluation of some raw materials in Vietnam for the production of bioplastics Dr. Dao Hai Yen
30 Permo-Triassic magmatism in Vietnam, geodynamic conditions and their role for ore deposit formation (Cu-Ni-PGE, Fe-Ti-V, Au-Cu-Mo-W, Li) Vietnam's side: Assoc. Prof. DrSc.Tran Trong Hoa; Partner's side: Prof. DrSc. Izokh E.Andrey
31 Studies on biodiversity and taxonomy of Vespid and Apoid wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Vespidae and Apoidea) in north-western Vietnam Vietnam's side: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien; Partner's side: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toshko Ljubomirov
32 Study on synthesis and assessment of biotoxicity of contrast agents based on Gd2O3 nanomaterials applied in MRI technique. Dr. Nguyễn Thị Thùy Khuê
33 Study on chemical composition, antioxidant activity and xanthine oxidase inhibition of three medicinal plants (Jatropha podagrica, Rumex acetosa and Moringa oleifera) Dr. Truong Ngoc Minh
34 Research on chemical compositions and biological activities of some species collected in Tay Nguyen Le Thi Hong Nhung
35 Research on the failure mechanisms and impacts of landslides on reservoirs and dams Dr. Pham Van Tien
36 Research on developing an application framework to support interdisciplinary scientific projects in collecting, storing and extracting data Dr. Tran Giang Son
37 A Study on the Possibility of the Reactivation of the Fault System in the Western Part of the South China Sea and Relationship with Geological Hazards Dr. Tran Trong Lap
38 Design, manufacturing of Humanoid Robot for Entertaiment Task Nguyen Tan No
39 Research and Develop methods for automatic detection of morphometric landmarks on insect wing images. Nguyen Hoang Ha
40 Geology, thermochronology (U/Pb, Ar/Ar) and isotope systematics (Sr/Nd) of the granitoid batholiths of Vietnam (late paleozoic – mesozoic) Vietnam's side: Phan Luu Anh; Partner's side: Vladimirov Aleksandr
41 Research and application of herbal nano preparations (from turmeric) to prevent anthracnose disease on litchi in Bac Giang province Prof. Dr. Tran Dai Lam
42 Preparation and study of structural and magnetic properties of core/shell CoFe2O4/Fe3O4 nanoparticles for advanced magnetic hyperthermia Vietnam's side: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Do Hung Manh; Partner's side: PhD.Ivan Skorvanek
43 Preparation, magnetic and electronic properties of CoxFe3-xO4 nano particles Vietnam's side: Dr. Bui Son Tung; Partner's side: Prof.Dr. Tran Vinh Hung
44 Apply new facilities in the National Academy of Science Laos on Researching geochemical characteristics of major, trace, and rare elements in granitoids, Northern Laos Vietnam's side: Dr. Pham Ngoc Can; Partner's side: Ms. Duangpaseuth Somsanith
45 Searching for anti-osteoporotic compounds from the plants growing in the northern part of Vietnam PhD. Nguyen Hai Dang
46 Research on fabrication and optmization of thermoelectric properties by anealing process based on two-dimensional materials: SnSe, (Sb, Bi)2Te3 Dr. Duong Van Thiet
47 A combination of morphometrics and molecular analysis for the determination of the cicada Hyalessa maculaticollis Nguyen Quynh Hoa
48 Computational studies on transport properties and water-splitting catalytic ability of 2D materials. Phung Thi Thu
49 Preparation and evaluation of hydrogels from natural polymers and tropical plant extracts for chronic wound treatment PhD. Hoang Thi Thai Thanh
50 Synthesis and characterization of graphene/TMDCs heterostructures for photodetector Nguyen Van Tu
51 Study on chemical constituents and cytotoxic activity from the peels of durian fruits Durio zibethinus L. Dang Viet Cuong
52 Research on the distribution and emission sources of PM2.5-bound trace metals in a urban area in Hanoi Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai
53 Fabrication of TiO2-sodium titanate-carbon quantum dots composites for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 into renewable fuels Nguyen Le Minh Tri
54 Using microfluidic system to investigate the dehydration process of micro-droplet of protein solution. Dr. Pham Van Nhat
55 Synthesis and study the optical properties of MoS2 (2D, 0D) nanostructures for photocatalyst applications Dr. Nguyen Tien Dai
56 Molecular genotypic analysis of porcine circovirus (PCV) circulating in Vietnam Dr. Doan Thi Thanh Huong
57 Research and proposal of a image deconvolution model for optical small satellite using Artificial Inteligence Dr. Pham Minh Tuan
58 Development of rapid detection of various toxins in Vietnam's export agricultural production by Raman spectroscopy Ph.D. Nguyen Thanh Duong
59 Development of a process for evaluating the quality, authenticity, and origin of Vietnamese rice products Ph.D. Dao Hai Yen
60 Fabrication, characterization and application-oriented of graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid films doped with copper chloride Vietnam's side: Dr. Nguyen Van Chuc; Partner's side:Dr. Elena D. Obraztsova
61 Correlation effects near the magnetics and magnetostructural phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems Vietnam's side: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dang Thanh; Partner's side:Dr. A.G. Gamzatov
62 Graphene- and Nanoscale Detonation Carbon-reinforced metal matrix composites Vietnam side: Pham Van Trinh; Partner's side: Alexandr A. Shtertser
63 A research on land use/land cover changes in upper Mekong River by remote sensing data and assess its effects on Cuu Long river delta of Vietnam Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hoan
64 Assessing research about aquifers’ quality and quantity of Ninh Thuan province for serving groundwater resources management in the context of drought and climate change Ph.D. Trinh Hoai Thu
65 Study on fabrication and properties of multiferroics with ABO3 structure Dr. Dao Son Lam
66 Study on controlling the magnitude and frequency of absorbing electromagnetic waves by using metamaterials Dr. Bui Xuan Khuyen
67 Study on biosynthesis of lignin peroxidase from fungus combined with laccase for decolorization of textile dyeing wastewater Dr. Vu Dinh Giap
68 Study on production technology of probiotic fermented beverage from some species of red seaweed in Vietnam Vo Thanh Trung
69 Geological hazards assessment of Dien Bien - Lai Chau fault zone base on application machine learning, artificial intelligence Tran Van Phong
70 Development of medicinal plant Morinda officinalis in Hiep Duc, Quang Nam for pharmaceutical processing and functional foods Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong
71 Research on a novel approach for Pivot-based attitude estimation and control for small satellites MSc. Tran Anh Duc
72 Completing the production technology of nitrifying - denitrifying preparations to treat aquatic environment Dr. Ha Phuong Hoang
73 Study of lipid composition and biological activity of the lipid classes from the marine species collected during the Russian-Vietnamese expedition aboard the 6th R/V “Academic Oparin” in the Vietnamese territorial waters Prof.Dr. Pham Quoc Long
74 Investigation of fucoidan from brown algae of the Sargassaceae family: isolation, structure and radiosensitizing activity Dr. Pham Duc Thinh
75 Metallogeny of Sn and W in the structures of the North Vietnam: mineral composition, geochemistry and genetic characteristics of deposits Phạm Thị Dung