Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1341 Marine environment monitoring in the Central part of Vietnam, 2010 Assoc. Prof. PhD. Do Ngoc Quynh
1342 Strengthening conditions for testing, field trial and developing regulatory system for conversion of biotech products into field production Prof. Dr. Le Tran Binh
1343 Application of RNA interference (RNAi) technology for development of Cotton leaf roll dwarf virus resistant transgenic cotton Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang ha
1344 Research on formulation of environmentally friendly passive solutions without hexavalent chromium ions for zinc coatings Dr. Le Ba Thang
1345 Remote sensing and GIS applications, research the type of geological hazards landslide, flash floods, flooding along the Ho Chi Minh route Dr. Le Thi Thu Hien
1346 A mammalian cell culture system for expression of clotting factors Dr. Nong Van Hai
1347 Research early antigen expression, specificity of prostate cancer (EPCA) to produce diagnostic kit Assoc.Prof. PhD. Le Quang Huan
1349 Preparation of nano-sized polymeric micells formed in H2O based on amphiphilic block/graft copolymers to be used in drug delivery systems Pham Huu Ly
1350 Study and propose a method to predict the corrosion rate and to measure the water film thickness inside oil-gas pipeline Assoc.Prof. Bui Dinh Tri
1351 Investigation of gas sensors and portable gas-analyzer for detection gases exhaust from transport vehicles Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan
1352 Investigation of current water quality and toxic cyanobacteria in Nui Coc reservoir (Thai Nguyen Prov.) and proposed measures for the reservoir water management Dr. Tran Van Tua
1353 Cloning, high-level expression and orientated application of the recombinant streptokinase a clot-buster drug in medicine Prof. Dr. Quyen Dinh Thi
1354 Estimating accumulated tetrodotoxin in some aquacultural species fed by Vietnamese toxic puffers with the aim of awareness on potential human poisoning Dr. Dao Viet Ha
1355 Research of aplication wastewater treatment technology for traditional fish sauce production villages Bui Quang Minh
1356 Conducting Scientific Research on the Protection and Conservation of Natural Heritage in Vietnam Nguyen Thien Tao
1357 Monograph books for Science and Technology 2019 Tran Van Sac