Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1261 A novel synthesis of antimalarial drug piperaquine phosphate Dr. Le Nguyen Thanh
1262 Researching and Developing the technology of treating water for the general hospitals Anti - pulmonary tuberculosis and pulmonary disease in Tay Ninh province Engineer Le Khac Hoang Lan
1263 Development of some data mining methods based on the hedge algebra approach to the processing of information Dr. Tran Thai Son
1264 Process for the isolation of Coronarin E from Hedychium coronarium and it’s in vivo activities Dr. Hoang Le Tuan Anh
1265 Fabrication the titannitrid combining with nanostructured hydroxyapatite biomedical coating on stainless steel substrate, applying for splints and screws in medicine Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh
1266 Study on manufacturing of the surfactant nano-SiO2 systems having the synergistic effect for use in enhanced oil recovery in reservoirs with high temperature, pressure and high hardness brine Prof. Nguyen Phuong Tung
1267 Assessing the environmental capacity of the south-central coastal waters of Vietnam for the aquaculture and tourist development Dr. Nguyen Huu Huan
1268 A study on the effects of the exploitation of contruction materials on river flows, erosion, and water pollution of Lo River in Phu Tho province, and proposal of solutions to manage exploitation properly, and develop sustainably the economy and environment of the area Dr. Bui Van Thom
1269 Using ADN sequencing to support the traditional morphological taxonomic identification of species of bamboos (Bambusa Schreb.) Prof. Dr. Dinh Thi Phong
1270 Evaluation of gene expression at mRNA level of candidate genes assisted to diagnostic breast cancer by real time RT-PCR Dr Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy
1271 Survey on the Insect diversity along the Ho Chi Minh High way through Tay Nguyen Highland and propose conservation measures Asc. Prof. Ph.D. Ta Huy Thinh
1272 Building software system for exploitation, analysis and trend forecasting on food hygiene and safety Prof. Vu Duc Thi
1273 Investigation of production process of Celecoxib - an anti-arthritis and analgesic API Dr. Ngo Quoc Anh
1274 Study on pesticide contamination remediation of POPs compounds by carbonization method for the environmental pollution reduction aim To Thi Hai Yen
1275 Study to develop the object-based classification program for remotely sensed images. Experimental applying it to monitor the expansion of Ha Noi urban land in the period 1995-2010 Dr. Lai Anh Khoi
1276 Isolation and section of highly hydrogen producing bacteria in application to new energy Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen
1277 Marine environment monitoring in the Central part of Vietnam, 2012 PhD. Nguyen Thi Viet Lien
1278 Assessment, detail risk zoning and proposal of mitigation methods for ground rapture-landslide and flash flood - debris flow hazards in Son La-Lai Chau region Dr. Nguyen Van Hung
1279 The study, design and fabrication of the electrical power system from renewable energy sources MSc. Nguyen Van Hai
1280 Studies on the scientific basis for making products supporting treatment of the renal calculus from leaves of Coffea arabica Dr. Nguyen Quyet Tien