Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1161 Investigation of production and application of some bio-products to increase yield of pepper plants (Piper nigrum L.) in Quang Tri province Pham Thi Thuy Hoai
1162 Studying and assessing the possibility of coal mine drainage sludge in treatment of sewage containing toxic heavy metals MSc. Doan Dinh Hung
1163 Investigating, assessing to change in the river bed (scour, aggradation, cut line) of Thu Bon - Vu Gia river system when the hydropower projects in upstream go into operation and proposing solutions Dr. Vu Thi Thu Lan
1164 The causes, occurring frequencyof heavy rain weather caused floods in relation to morphological terrain of Southern Central Region of Vietnam, warning, proposing mitigation measures to prevent natural disasters Ass.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Khanh Van
1165 Fabrication of Metal –Organic Framework (MOFs) having photo-catalytic and luminescent properties Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh
1166 Study on taxonomy, distribution and chemical components of the natural Panax species in Lai Chau Province, Vietnam Dr. Phan Ke Long
1167 Technology completion for production of some technical rubber products using in marine sector and irrigation sector Ass. Poff. Dr. Do Quang Khang
1168 Survey and evaluate natural hazardous phenomenon on Truong Sa Islands area and propose preventative solutions for minimize their damages Dr. Nguyen The Tiep
1169 Nguyen Quoc Thiet
1170 Researching and building models station to exploit renewable energy sources to supply power for load small clusters in remote areas, especially in areas where there are no national grid in two districts of Moc Chau and Mai Son Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quang
1171 Finishing technology and tunnel construction family household-scale biogas for rural breeding centers in Henan province Dr. Tran Khac Tuyen
1172 Improving the synthesis technology of composite materials based on conducting polymer and agriculture waste using for treatment of heavy metals from water Phan Thi Binh
1173 Overall assessment of some types of natural disasters: floods, coastal and estuarine erosion in Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces and preventative solutions Dr. Bùi Thị Mai
1174 Research on the manufacturing of porous nanosilver - coated ceramic filter used for householder’s water disinfection Tran Thi Ngoc Dung
1175 Studies on extraction process, chemical structure and biological activities of glucomannan from some Amorphophallus sp. (Araceae family) in Vietnam Tran Thi Y Nhi
1176 Develop the technology of treatment of H2S using a new catalyst material, applying to the purification of biogas Phan Thi Ngoc Bich
1177 Optoelectronic processes in photocatalytic nanomaterials orienting to the appilcation in waste water depollution Ung Thi Dieu Thuy
1178 Forecating the ability of surface subsidence in Red River Delta by brown coal mining PhD Trần Văn Tư
1179 Study on heavy metal accumulation in marine organisms in order to determine the species as biomonitor for environmental monitoring system in north coast of Vietnam Dr. Le Quang Dung
1180 Agrid and Cloud-based database of precomputed scenarios of tsunamis in manila trench