Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1141 Design, create alum treatment equipment serves to provide clean water for the people of Châu Điền ward, Cầu Kè district, Tra Vinh province Nguyễn Nghĩa Long
1142 Investigate potential and a promising group of plant resources in Phu Tho province, proposed conservation measures, development and sustainable use Dr. Le Dong Tan
1143 Study to produce recombinant antigen and immunization test for prevention of PRRSV in Vietnam Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen
1144 Establishment of in vitro models for screening of anti-inflmamatory agents plants of Vietnam through glucocorticoid and toll-like family receptors on macrophage cells of experimental animals Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong , PhD
1145 Survey, assessment of the species diversity of flora and fauna in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Thanh Hoa and proposed solutions for effective conservation MsC. Dang Huy Phuong
1146 Researching, evaluating the situation and contributions of Union of Science and Technology at the Central western Highlands provinces from the renew period on Associate Professor Ph.D. Nguyen Danh
1147 Investigation and build of common and rare-precious marine fishes collection inthe South Centralof Viet Nam MSc. Le Thi Thu Thao
1148 Study on enhancing rice seed quality through genetic transformation with seed – specific genes for omega-7 fatty acid Dr. Nguyen Huu Ho
1149 Studying the scientific basis for the overall solution to addressing conflicts of interest in the exploitation and using of water resources in Tay Nguyen Dr Nguyen Lap Dan
1150 Setting a collection and posters of images of common gastropods in coastal waters of Khanh Hoa province MSc. Bui Quang Nghi
1151 Development of supporting tools for indirect balancing for steam turbine-generator systems with nonlinear factors Le Duy Minh
1152 Research and application of artificial insemination for breeding wild boar and comercial pig (Sus Scrofa) from Central Highland Assoc.Prof. Hoang Nghia Son, PhD
1153 Application of embryo transplantation for production of hight productive dairy cows in Tay Nguyen Dr Le Thi Chau
1154 Research on the technology to produce steel and non-fired building materials from red mud generated from alumina production in the Central Highlands Dr. Vu Duc Loi
1155 Construction of high computing cluster for application in research and training nanophotonic materials and devices Dr. Ngo Quang Minh
1156 Research of upgrading demonstration combining solar energy and grid power at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology MSc. Vu Minh Phap
1157 CNC Controller Design and Fabrication applied in Manufacturing Industry M.S Phan Van Khanh
1158 Investigating the causes and prevention solutions riverbanks southwestern region "(Ben Tre province area) Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Man
1159 Monitor the quality of coastal sea environment in the northern Vietnam in 2013 Msc. Duong Thanh Nghi
1160 Research of Mission planning method for VNREDSat-1 system Dr. Bui Trong Tuyen