Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
401 Integrated model of electronic library and Central Highlands electronic atlas for science and technology database administration and communication Dr. Nguyen Dinh Ky
402 Floristic speciality of Northwestern Vietnam: implications from plant diversity, taxonomy and ecology Dr. Bui Hong Quang
403 Ultrasonic assisted Liquid-Phase Exfoliation of Graphite toward Graphene for Nanopolymers Dr. Bui Hung Thang
404 Development of photocatalysts made of earth abundant elements for fabrication of large-sized artificial leaf Tran Dinh Phong
405 Collecting Paleontological Specimens in Vietnam PhD. Doan Dinh Hung
406 Assess the importance of the protected area network for conservation of the local animal biodiversity in the plain and mountain regions (example Belarus and Viet Nam) Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pham Hong Thai
407 Building a collection of soil samples in the Region of South Central and South of Vietnam Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong
408 Scientific research about taxonomy and assessment of biological organisisms Dr. Nguyen Quoc Binh
409 Study of the alterations of cytoskeleton under simulated microgravity Le Thanh Long, PhD
410 Satellite remote sensing and general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) in establish database of submerged aquatic vegetation: A case study of Khanh Hoa coastal province, central Vietnam Dr. Vo Trong Thach
411 Using Remote Sensing and GIS technologies in monitoring and managing marine environment from Khanh Hoa to Ca Mau Dr. Ho Dinh Duan
412 Investigation of bioactive compounds from mangrove plants collected in Ca Mau province Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh
413 Research, design and manufacture a dedicated mobile communication system to relay satellites to serve remote areas, seas and islands and emergencies Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh
414 Research on applying biological and chemical technologies on pre-treatment and recover Au from sulfide-Au ores and Au-bearing tin-(tungsten) and antimony ores in order to enhance economical benefit and protect mineral resources and environment in mineral explorations in Central Highland Dr. Pham Ngoc Can
415 The collection of marine organisms in Southern Vietnam Dr. Hoang Xuan Ben
416 Application of machine learning technology, artificial intelligence in the assessment of coastal erosion in Quang Nam and neighboring areas Dr. Bui Nhi Thanh
417 Study on quinonoid pigments from sea urchin shells and spines at Khanh Hoa to oriented towards the production of cosmetics Vo Mai Nhu Hieu
418 Study on chemical composition and anti-diabetic activity of polysaccharide extracted from pumpkin (Cucurbita genus) Assoc.Prof. Thanh Thi Thu Thuy
419 Researching and building a model of territorial planning for regional linkages of the Central Highlands - South Central region according to river basins for sustainable development of agriculture and forestry Dr. Nguyen Huu Xuan
420 Laser-assisted fabrication of plasmon-enhanced sensing photoluminescent nanoparticles based on metal-semiconductor or metal-oxide nano-hybrids Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Minh