Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
261 Chemical constituents and biological activities of Maesa membranacea A. DC., Myrsinaceae. Dr. Le Nguyen Thanh
262 Study of Carrier dynamics in Cadmium (Cd)-containing heterogeneous quantum dots Ph.D. Man Minh Tan
263 Study on the biological activities and the secondary metabolite biosynthetic genes from mangrove microorganisms in the central region of Vietnam Ton That Huu Dat
264 Study on feature of surface saline muds from southwestern sub-basin of the East Vietnam Sea Le Duc Luong
265 The significance of zircon U-Pb ages in the Ba River basin to the timing of major tectonic phases in the south of Kontum massift Doan Dinh Hung
266 Microsatellite-based analysis of the genetic diversity of the seagrass from Southern Viet Nam, a baseline for conservation and rehabitiation of seagrass beds Dr. Nguyen XuanVy
267 Research and development of solid state ultraviolet Ce:LiCAF laser, gearing towards environment applications Assoc. Prof. Pham Hong Minh
268 Manufacture of clinic wastewater treatment equipment to improve water quality MSc. Hoang Thi Thu Hang
269 Study on identification of mycotoxins in molds contaminated in foods with ingredients of soybean, peanut, corn, and sesame stored improperly and of poor quality Tran Hong Quang
270 Research on the use of substances/groups of key substances derived from medicinal plants for quality control of medicinal plants Dr. Tran Hong Hanh
271 Research and applications of a quality management process on several agricultural plants in the food supply chain of Vietnam Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tien Dat
272 Development of profiling method for foods originated from several plants of Viet Nam Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Trung
273 Investigations of the block-layered geoelectric structure of the lithosphere in the northern part of the Bac Bo Bay to justify the directions of oil and gas prospecting Dr. Do Huy Cuong
274 Estimation of Vietnamese carp (Cyprinus carpio) genetic impact on European carp breeds Nguyen Van Quan
275 Domino reactions involving electron-deficient alkenes and alkynes in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and the study of their biological activity Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen
276 Study on in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of fungal strains associated with the sponges collected from the Cu Lao Cham islands of Vietnam Tran Hong Quang
277 The absorption of terahertz radiation by two-dimensional hybridized meta-surfaces for nano-plasmonics devices Nguyen Thanh Tung
278 Study on the effects of artificial dam on water quality and cyanobacterial toxins in Tri An Reservoir Dr. Pham Thanh Luu
279 Research on the isolation process of rivularin A from the sea snail Monodonta labio (Linnaeus, 1758), and the discovery of bioactive compounds equivalent to rivularin A from the sea slug Aplysia sp. and evaluation for capability of the rivularin A to kill cancer cells at the biological molecular level (Part: Study on isolation the bioactive compound rivularin A from the sea snail Monodonta labio (Linnaeus, 1758), finding the bioactive compounds equivalent to rivularin A from the sea slug Aplysia sp. and evaluation for ability of the rivularin A to kill cancer cells) Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh
280 Establisment of a fully humanized anti-TNFα antibody producing CHO-DG44 cell line and evaluation of the antibody quality Dr. Doan Chinh Chung