Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
241 Building animal samples (on the mainland) in Middle Center – Central Highlands, Vietnam PhD. Le Thi Chau
242 Research of CAR-T containing anti-CD47 scFv h (CD28-41BB/OX40-CD3ζ) receptor targeting leukemia blood cancer cells PhD. La Thi Huyen
243 Improve the efficiency of image retrieval via distance metric learning Assoc. Prof. Senior Researcher Ngo Quoc Tao
244 Buiding the collection of rocks, minerals and mineral resourses from the sea and islands, Southern Viet Nam Dr. Phan Dong Pha
245 Studying, selecting, and adapting a Vietnam soil classification system for identifying and classifying soils and soil monoliths in Vietnam National Museum of Nature PhD. Nguyen Thanh Tuan
246 Study on the PTP1B and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities of compounds isolated from Tetradium ruticarpum Dr. Tran Quoc Toan
247 Research the effects of plant growth regulators on the growth and development of vegetables, and their ability to accumulate in vegetables Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tung
248 Study on seasonal fluctuation of some lipid markers in the soft coral Sinularia flexibilis collected in the coastal of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Dr. Dang Thi Phuong Ly
249 Study on the chemical constituents and anti-diabetic activity of Camellia sasanqua Nguyen Thi Cuc
250 Study on the roles of sedimentary environment for intertidal ecosystem of Red River Delta Bui Van Vuong
251 Development of analytical methods for chemical characterizing and profiling of vegetable and fruit. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Trung
252 Production of hepatoprotective product from Cleome viscosa Dr. Phan Nhat Minh
253 Taxonomic studies on Polish and Vietnamese nematodes from genera Parkellus and Jensenonchus Dr. Vu Thi Thanh Tam
254 Study on topographical changes of coastal estuaries under the impact of fully dredging saline sand in South Central of Viet Nam Pham Ba Trung
255 Investigation of biological activities of terpenoids derived from tropical plants and development of their biotechnological production. Dr. Tran My Linh
256 Research and development of air quality monitoring system by remote sensing and Lidar technology, trial application in Hanoi and Da Nang city Dr. Le Thanh Son
257 Influence of plasmonic nanocomposites anisotropy on electro-dynamic coupling, near field effects and the spectral-kinetic characteristics of hybrid nanostructures. Dr. Phung Viet Tiep
258 Cell cultures creation and investigation of pharmacologically valuable phenolic compounds and terpenoid indole alkaloids biosynthesis in a various varieties of Catharanthus roseus Vietnamese flora in vivo and in vitro. Phase 1st: Research on in vitro cell culture system from C. roseus samples of Vietnam for developing cell lines producing high alkaloids content. Dr. Tran My Linh
259 Study on design, installation, and test of multi‐function EV charging station using solar power Dr. Vu Minh Phap
260 Design and manufacture a power generation equipment using coastal wave energy and contribute to preventing coastal erosion Dr. Vu Lam Dong