Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1401 Application of the space technology to study the influence of the atmosphere and the ionosphere to the propagation of satelitte signal in Vietnam Dr Le Huy Minh
1402 Applying remote sensing, GIS and GPS to exemine landslide and landslip disasters in the engineering of hydroelectronics Son La before and after the operation of the engineering and some recommended solutions Prime Senior Eng. Nguyen Tu Dan
1403 The research of designing principle and technology of manufacturing a booster liquid rocket engine to serve the program of national space science and technology Nguyen Hanh Hoan
1404 Scientific research for the formulation of legal frame of Vietnam for using outer space in a peaceful manner Ass prof, Dr Nguyen Hong Thao- Project vice leader’s name: Ass prof, Dr Nguyen Ba Dien
1405 The approach research to the scientific - technological solutions concerning the receiving, converting solar energy and wireless power transmitting to the earth Prof. DrSc. Dao Khac An
1406 Compile to publish monograph books on the Vietnamese Sea MA. Pham Thi Thu
1407 Study on mastering design, operation and efficial exploitation of the Ground receiving station, which belongs to the natural resources and environment monitoring system MSc. Tran Tuan Ngoc
1408 Complete the technological process of product zeolite Cu2+ were to treat aquaculture environment and to produce micronutrient fertilizer Lai Thi Kim Dung
1409 The study on methods of determination, tracking and control of the motion and the attitude of small satellites in low-earth orbits Prof. Dr. Nguyen Khoa Son
1410 Research the methodology to apply high accuracy GPS technology in detecting movement of the construction in the coastal area Dr Nguyen Hanh Quyen