Order Featured image Project's title Project leader's name
1241 Application of Fe/Al LDH (layer double hydroxides) nanoparticles to reduce the harmful effects of acid soil on rice Nguyen Thi Nhu Quynh
1242 The study on the biodiversity and management status of bird colonies in the North, proposing the conservational model and rational utilization of ecotour development and rasing knowledge for local people Asc. Prof. Ph.D. Le Dinh Thuy
1243 Research on equipment design, manufacture, and concentrated blood filtering fluid technology perfectness for artificial kidney treatment MA.Trinh Dinh Trung (IOP), MA. Nguyen Thi Thu
1244 Manufacture portable X - Ray fluorescence Spectrometer used for control quanlity of jewellery (analyzing constituent of gold and silver alloys) Dr. Le Quang Huy
1245 Screening enzymes hydrolysing cellulose, hemicellulose by using metagenomics approach Pr. Truong Nam Hai
1246 Research and application of electric arc spray coating of NiCr alloy for anticorrosion protection of industrial pump components in acidic media Dr. Le Thu Quy
1247 Study on fabrication of catalysts for production of bio-fuel from biomass As.Prof. Dang Tuyet Phuong
1248 Study the present tectonic stress field, clarify the sources of geological complications at Southeast Vietnam continental shelf Duong Quoc Hung
1249 Assessment of causes of current soil – water enviroment degradation in the Thanh – Nghe – Tinh region and identification of solutions for integrated soil and water exploitation and management for sustainable socio-economic development Dr. Nguyen Dinh Ky
1250 Studying on the changes of natural water surface in Hanoi from 1980 up to present for planning orientation and proposal of inundation prevention solutions Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mai Trong Thong