Project's information

Project's title Equipping analytical facilities and strengthening human capability in geological and mineral research at the Analytical and Experimental Center, Cabinet of Lao Academy of Science, Ministry of Science and Technology
Project’s code QTLA01.02/21-22
Research hosting institution Institute of Geological Sciences
Project leader’s name Tran Thi Huong and Nakhonekham Xaybuoangeun
Project duration 01/06/2021 - 30/06/2023
Project’s budget 200 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project
- Training staff of the Center for Experimental Analysis in basic experimental research and analytical methods (petrology and XRF methods) to enhance their proficiency in operating analytical equipment.
- Investigating the petrographic and geochemical characteristics of basalt in the Bolaven area, Southern Laos.
Main results
- Hosted a delegation of two young Lao scientists, participating in a training program at the Institute of Geological Sciences. The participants received guidance on geological and mineral analytical methods, including polarizing microscopy, XRF, XRD, SEM, and EPMA. They also learned about the importance of proper sample preparation for geochemical studies.
- Processed thin sctions of 20 basalt rock samples and analyzed for the silicate compositions using the XRF method.
- Published one paper in the Vietnam Journal of Marine Science and Technology, with another paper being accepted for publication in the October 2023 issue.
Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results
- Enhancing analytical skills of Lao officials and laboratory analysis in mineral geology.
- Developing capabilities in processing analytical data and writing scientific articles.
- Strengthening science and technology cooperation between Vietnam and Laos.
- Providing a scientific basis for Vietnam to support Laos in scientific and socio-economic development.
Products of the project
- Nguyen Hoang, Shinjo Ryuichi, Tran Thi Huong, Le Duc Luong, Le Duc Anh. "Mantle geodynamics and source domain of the East Vietnam Sea opening-induced volcanism in Vietnam and neighboring regions." Vietnam Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Vol. 21, No. 4, 2021, pp. 393–417. DOI:
- Nguyen Hoang, Tran Thi Huong, Somsanith Duangpaseuth, Sakhone Keovilay, Cu Sy Thang. "Pleistocene-Quaternary basalts in the Bolaven Plateau (Southern Laos): An Indo-Eurasian collision-induced magmatism?" Vietnam Journal of Marine Science and Technology (accepted for publication in October 2023).
Other products:
- A set of petrographic and XRF chemical composition results for 20 samples from Bolaven.
- A tutoring manual titled "Processing and Analyzing Petrographic and XRF samples."
- No patents or utility solutions.
- A short-term training course for 2 Lao scientists on processing and analyzing petrographic and XRF samples.
Research region

Institute of Geological Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

Continue implementing Vietnam-Laos projects to foster young Laotian scientists in the field of Geology and Minerals research, enhancing their research capabilities and experience.
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