Project's information

Project's title Research on the technology and equipment for manufacturing graphen materials on a semi-industrial scale (pilot)
Project’s code UDPTCN 04/20-22
Research hosting institution Institute of Physics
Project leader’s name Dr. Au Duy Tuan
Project duration 01/01/2020 - 30/06/2023
Project’s budget 600 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project
- Develop technical solutions for manufacturing multi-layer graphen materials exfoliated from graphite compounds at pilot-scale.
- Develop quality control solutions for the output of multilayer graphen material manufacturing technology.
- Testing some applications of multilayer graphen products in new materials with special properties.
- Enhance the expertise of personnel in the field of design, manufacturing of devices, and application of graphen materials.
Main results
Technological results: Successfully manufacture equipment for producing multilayer graphen materials with adjustable capacity up to 01kg/day.
Theoretical results: Develop a process with technological parameters for producing multilayer graphen at a capacity of 01kg/day.
Applied results: Initial results achieved in introducing the nano graphen leaf product of the task to the following companies:
+ No 75 Rubber Company Limited, General Department of Defense Industry
+ QC Technical Rubber Company Limited.
Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

The research results have provided a method and a complete system for manufacturing multilayer graphen sheets from graphite compounds through rapid thermal shock heating to separate the graphen layers. This is a relatively new technology with key advantages including simplicity and feasibility of the method and equipment, energy efficiency, easy scalability to large-scale production, enabling the manufacture of large quantities of high-quality materials at a lower cost.
The multilayer graphen materials produced using this technology have been evaluated for their physical properties, which have shown to be comparable to those of similar materials manufactured using existing methods (such as microwave heating). Additionally, the obtained materials have undergone preliminary testing for applications in composite materials (such as rubber and polymer composites).

Products of the project
- Patents (list):
+ 01 Patent No. 34682 dated December 13, 2022 from the Intellectual Property Office on the "Method and equipment for manufacturing multilayer nano graphen sheets from graphite compounds."
- Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
+ 01 published article in the "Vietnam Environment Journal" in 2022 on the "Adsorption capacity of some industrial waste substances by multilayer graphen manufactured using rapid thermal shock heating method."
- Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):
+ Process for manufacturing multilayer graphen with a maximum capacity of 1000g/day.
+ 01 equipment system for manufacturing multilayer graphen materials with adjustable capacity up to 1000g/day.
+ 05 kg of multilayer graphen products with electrical conductivity: 400- 1100  S/cm and bulk density 0,12 - 0,18 g/cm3 
These products are stored at the Center for Applied Physics and Scientific Instruments, Institute of Physics, Building A26, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
Research area

A proposal has been done with No 75 Rubber Company Limited - General Department of Defense Industries to incorporate the nano graphen materials into certain rubber products of the Company`s factory in 2022

- Continue researching the applications of multilayer graphen materials:
- Use in technical rubber industries to create specialized products such as anti-static rubber materials for electronics production; conductive rubber for thermal applications in the leather and footwear industry; gasket materials for use in harsh conditions, heat resistance, acid/base resistance, etc.
- Use in environmental protection field such as oil spill cleanup on rivers, seas, etc.
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