Project's information

Project's title Multilayer protective systems on steel based on zinc and selected zinc alloys
Project’s code QTBG01.02/20-21
Research hosting institution Institute for Tropical Technology
Coordinating unit, co-chair Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Project leader’s name Dr. Pham Thi Nam and Prof. Dr. Nikolai Boshkov
Project duration 01/06/2020 - 31/12/2022
Project’s budget 200 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project

- It is successfully fabricating a multi-layer coatings which has the ability anti-corrosion protection for steel based on zinc and zinc alloy to replace toxic and polluted Cd coating.
- Training staff and helping the research team have access to new research directions and advanced equipment in the world.

Main results

- It has successfully fabricated a ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn multilayer with a thickness of 21 μm. The surface of the coating forms uniform crystalline particles with a size of about 0.67 μm and closely arranged. The results of the evaluation of the corrosion ability of the ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn coating showed that the ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn coating had a low value of corrosion current density (6,753×10-6 A/cm2), with the appearance of red rust after 336 hours of salt spray.
- It improved the level of the research team.
- It has strengthened the scientific research and training cooperation between the Institute for Tropical Technology and the research and training facilities at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

It has fabricated a ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn multilayer system for corrosion protection of steel by electrodepositon method. The fabricated ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn coating has potential for practical application to protect carbon steel substrates.

Products of the project

- Publications: N. Boshkova, V. Bachvarov, M. Peshova, I. Stambolova, D. Stoyanova, S. Smrichkova, TN. Pham, TT. Nguyen, DL. Tran, N. Boshkov. Corrosion properties of composite systems based on Zn-Ni and Zn-Co Alloys and ZrO2 zol-gel film. Bulgarian Chemical Communications 2023, 55(1) 27-31 (Scopus).
- Other products: 01 Bachelor


The project has successfully fabricated the ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn multilayer coating on carbon steel by electrocdeposition method. The results show that the ZnNiSi/ZnNi/Zn coating has good corrosion protection for carbon steel substrates. Through the project, the research team collaborated with the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and improved the level in multilayer coating fabrication. We are looking forward to the support of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technololy to continue this cooperation.

Images of project
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