Project's information

Project's title Research on the development of a technological process for the production and use of biological products to treat ammonia and nitrite in the brackish culture of shrimp  
Project’s code UDPTCN05/18-20
Research hosting institution Institute of Marine Environment and Resources
Project leader’s name Dao Thi Anh Tuyet
Project duration 01/04/2018 - 01/12/2021
Project’s budget 600 million VND
Classify Fair
Goal and objectives of the project

Completing the production process and developing a draft process for using probiotics to treat ammonia and nitrite in the culture of shrimp in brackish water:
- To complete the enrichment stage and the biomass growth stage to improve the biomass growth efficiency and the processing of the inoculants.
- Implement the trial of the inoculant into the practice of white-leg shrimp farming on a small scale to evaluate the treatment efficiency of the inoculant.
- Develop a draft process for using probiotics to effectively treat ammonia and nitrite in brackish water shrimp farming.

Main results
- Technological results: The process of producing and testing biological products to treat ammonia and nitrite from natural environmental samples has been launched. The process has a new enrichment method that allows for the simultaneous enrichment of several species of nitrifying bacteria and is known as multi-step enrichment for the simultaneous enrichment of both groups of bacteria (oxidation of ammonia and oxygen nitrite).
- Theoretical results: The experimental production process is based on the latest ever nitrifying bacteria enrichment, a multi-step enrichment process, which can optimize the growth of the target group of bacteria (nitrifying bacteria) and minimize the growth of other groups of bacteria.
- Applied results: The inoculant production process can be applied in the production of ammonia and nitrite treatment products from natural samples, at an affordable price. The inoculant production process can be transferred to companies for producing of the bioproduct.
Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

The process features the newest enrichment method, allowing simultaneous enrichment of multiple nitrifying bacteria to enrich both groups of bacteria (ammonia-oxidizing and nitrite-oxidizing).
Inoculants derived from indigenous bacteria are able to adapt and promote better environmental treatment efficiency than those of exotic bacteria and do not pose risks to the local ecosystem.

Products of the project

Patents (list): The manufacturing process of probiotics for treatment of ammonia and nitrite pollutants.
Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
- Dao Thi Anh Tuyet, Le Minh Hiep, Ha Thi Binh, Le Thanh Huyen, Sen-Lin Tang, Pei-Wen Chiang, Do Manh Hao. A multi-step nitrifying microbial enrichment to remove ammonia and nitrite in brackish aquaculture system. Biodegradation 33: 373-388.
- Do Manh Hao, Ng. T. Dat, D. Th. A. Tuyet, L.M. Hiep, H.T. Binh, Ph. Kongmany, H.P. Hiep and L. Th. Huyen (2019). Isolation and Identification of some Heterotrophic Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria Isolated in Mangrove along to Haiphong - Quangninh Coastal. Biological Forum – An International Journal 11(2): 109-115(2019). ISSN: 2249-3239.
- Ha Thi Binh, Dao Thi Anh Tuyet, Le Minh Hiep, Nguyen Ba Khang, Do Manh Hao. Treatment efficiency of some Bacillus strains in water recipeted shrimp research waste by regular filter technology (RAS). Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Acepted on April 20th, 2022.
Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place): enriched - nitrifying bacterial consortia are kept at Do Son Marine Research Station, Institute of Marine Environment and Resources.


It is necessary to carry out the research in order to complete the inoculant production process at a industrial scale manufacturer.

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