Project's information

Project's title Studying the impact of traffic routes on flooding in coastal districts of Vu Gia-Thu Bon river basin, Quang Nam province
Project’s code UDNGDP.03.20-21
Research hosting institution Institute of Geography
Coordinating unit, co-chair Quang Nam Province
Project leader’s name Dr. Hoang Thanh Son
Project duration 01/12/2020 - 30/09/2022
Project’s budget 1,935 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project

- Assess the impact of traffic routes (highways, national highways, coastal roads, crossroads) on flooding in Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen, Que Son, Thang Binh and Hoi city districts An.
- Proposing solutions to minimize the impact of roads to flooding in coastal areas
- Develop a set of decision support tools for flood control and inundation

Main results

Theoretical results: Supplementing methodologies and research methods when studying the impact of roads on flooding in coastal districts
Applied results: Provide a scientific basis for building and developing infrastructure for socio- economic development purposes from the perspective of sustainable development.

Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

- Assessment of flooding in coastal areas of Quang Nam province under the impact of traffic routes, thereby proposing scientific basis for solutions to minimize impacts.
- The project has built a database of flood maps of historical flood years and design frequency
- Build a website to support flood calculation
- Promote the development of applied geography and geographic information systems in disaster prevention and control

Products of the project

Products registered under the approved outline:
Type I: Publication (Articles, Monographs and other products)

No Article Title Request to achieve Place of publication (Journal, Publisher) Note
1 Applying technology to build a decision support system for disaster prevention The content is relevent to the research problem of the project Seminar "Development and commercialization of technology at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology" held in October 2020  
2 Assessment of road system effects to flooding regime at the downstream vu gia - thu ban river in Quang Nam province   Science Journal of Hanoi National University of Education in 2022, Volume 67, Issue2  
3 Applying the Mike Flood model to simulate flooding in coastal areas of Quang Nam province, the flood in 2020   Water Resources Magazine  

Type II: Products expected to be registered for protection of intellectual property rights
Registered 01 copyright at the National Office of Intellectual Property
Type IV: Principle of application; Method; Standard; Regulations; Software; Blueprint; Technological process; Diagrams, maps; Data, Database; Analytical report; Forecasting documents (methods, processes, models,...); Schemes and planning; Economic-technical argument, Feasibility study report and other products

No Product's name Scientific requirements Note
1 Report: Flooding in the coastal area of Quang Nam under the impact of traffic routes

+ Assessing the impact of traffic routes on flooding in coastal areas of Quang Nam
+ Identify problems related to roads (morphology, road elevation, culverts, drainage, etc.) to flooding problems (increasing the area of local flooding, prolonging the duration of flooding, etc.)

2 Report: Solutions to minimize the impact of traffic routes on flooding in coastal areas Provide technical solutions and policies to ensure criteria for minimizing flood damage for existing road works as well as future planning. Completed
3 Flood map (area, depth, velocity field) with traffic routes according to flood alarm levels, scale 1:10,000

Comply with international standards (ISO 19100) and Vietnamese standards (issued by MONRE in 2007);
coordinate system VN2000

4 The inundation calculation toolkit is intergrated in the saline intrusion monitoring website system Easy-to-use graphical interface
Managed by user-friendly software, easy to exploit and update
Ensuring safety and security of information
5 Final report project Reflect the entire content of the project implementation Completed

Type V: Results of participating in postgraduate training: 01 Master

Research region

Quang Nam Provincial Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control
Transportation facilities Environmental resource base Irrigation Sub-Department



Flood and inundation are the leading types of natural disasters causing heavy damage to economic development, stabilizing people's lives and the environment in the downstream Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basin. Under the impact of climate change, climate extremes tend to appear with increasing severity, and along with the development of infrastructure in the region, damage caused by floods and inundation floods are getting bigger and bigger.
Therefore, it is suggested that the People's Committee of Quang Nam province allow the decision support tool built by the topic to be connected to the website of the Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control at the address: . With this toolkit, it will create favorable conditions for managers in approving planning, building infrastructure as well as making decisions to reduce risks of natural disasters and floods. Besides, it is also a channel to provide information to communities in disaster-prone areas, increasing the resilience of socio-economic infrastructure to extreme weather and floods.
In the coming time, in order to ensure flood drainage and reduce damage caused by inundation, it is necessary to continue to study to identify flood drainage corridors for Thu Bon River, to study the scientific basis for river dredging and clearing. bottlenecks, building estuary stabilization works.


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