Project's information

Project's title Study on chemical composition, antioxidant activity and xanthine oxidase inhibition of three medicinal plants (Jatropha podagrica, Rumex acetosa and Moringa oleifera)
Project’s code GUST.STS.ĐT2020-HH01
Research hosting institution Graduate University of Science and Technology
Project leader’s name Dr. Truong Ngoc Minh
Project duration 01/06/2020 - 30/06/2022
Project’s budget 300 million VND
Classify Fair
Goal and objectives of the project

Identify chemical composition, anti-oxidant activity and xanthine oxidase inhibition of 3 species medicinal plants (Jatropha podagrica, Rumex acetosa and Moringa oleifera)

Main results

Theoretical results: Successful evaluation of anti-oxidant activities (DPPH, ABTS and Reducing power) and xanthine oxidase inhibition of the extracts and clean compounds isolated from Jatropha podagrica’s stem bark and underground of Rumex acetosa (L.).
Applied results: The stem bark of Jatropha podagrica, underground of Rumex acetosa (L.) and twigs of Moringa oleifera can be used as remedial treatment for gout diseases and contribute to the pharmaceutical properties of the 3 research subjects.

Products of the project

- Scientific papers in referred journals (list): 01 publications in ISI system and 01 international Scopus publication
+ Minh, T.N., Minh, B.Q., Duc, T.H.M., Thinh, P.V., Anh, L.V., Dat, N.T., Nhan, L.V. and Trung, N.Q. Potential Use of Moringa oleifera Twigs Extracts as an Anti-Hyperuricemic and Anti-Microbial Source. Processes, 2022, 10(3), 563.
+ Minh, T.N., Andriana, Y., Minh, B.Q., Trung, N.Q. and de Guzman-Gelani, C., Investigation of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors in Bioactive Components of Jatropha podagrica stem bark. Journal of medical pharmaceutical and allied sciences, 2022, 11(2), 4527 – 4530.
- Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place): Ten (10) isolated compounds including metyl gallate (C1), fraxetin (C2) and tomentin (C3) from Jatropha podagrica; chrysophanol (C4), physcion (C5), nepalenside A (C6), nepalenside B (C7), torachrysone (C8), emodin (C9) and citreorosein (C10) from Rumex acetosa (L.) are stored at Center for Research and Technology Transfer.

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