Project's information

Project's title Research on chemical compositions and biological activities of some species collected in Tay Nguyen
Project’s code GUST. STS.ĐT2019/HH03
Research hosting institution Graduate University of Science and Technology
Project leader’s name Le Thi Hong Nhung
Project duration 01/06/2019 - 30/06/2022
Project’s budget 300 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project

Determination of chemical compositions and assessment of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of two species collected in Tay Nguyen:
-    Pouzolzia sangainea (Bl.) Meer., Urticaceae
-    Gnetum, Gnetaceae


Main results

Theoretical results:
Isolated and identified the structure of:
+ 13 compounds from Pouzolzia sangainea (Bl.) Meer: erythro-guaiacylglycerol-ß-O-4'-dihydroconiferyl alcohol (PS1), threo-guaiacylglycerol-ß-O-4'-dihydroconiferyl alcohol (PS2), threo-guaiacylglycerol-ß-O-4'-coniferyl alcohol (PS3), erythro-guaiacylglycerol-ß-O-4'-coniferyl alcohol (PS4), (7'S,8'R,8S)-4,4'-dihydroxy-3,3',5,5'-tetramethoxy-7',9-epoxylignan-9'-ol-7-one (PS5), pouzolignan D (PS6), pouzobistilbene A (PS7), pouzolignan K (PS8), pouzosanoside A (PS9), (7a,8a)-dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol 9-O-ß-D-glucopyranoside (PS10), (7a,8a)-dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol 9'-O-ß-D-glucopyranoside (PS11), icariside E3 (PS12), icariside E5 (PS13).
+ 5 compounds from Gnetum latifolium: Genetifolin E (GLA1), Isorhapotin (GLA2), (±)-bisisorhapotingenin A (GLA3), Piceid (GLA4), Gnetifolin K (GLA5).
Investigation of biological activities of some isolated compounds and extracted from Pouzolzia sangainea, Gnetum latifolium:
+ Inhibit NO production: Etanol, n-hexan, dichlormetan, etyl
acetat extractions (GL, GL1, GL2, GL3), compounds (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9) can inhibit NO production.
+ Antioxidant activity: GL1, GL2, GL3 showed antioxidant activity with SD50  6,91 ± 8,79 µg/ml.
+ Cytotoxic activity: PS5, PS10, PS11, PS12 and PS13 exhibited cytotoxic activity on ACL27 and MDA-MB-321 cell lines.
Applied results: Provide scientific evidences (spectral data, bioactivity results) for further applied researchs.

Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

PS7, PS9 are the new compounds.
- PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PS6, PS8, PS10, PS11, PS12, PS13 and GLA3, GLA4, GLA5 are found the first time from the studied species.
- The compounds and extracts showed good bioactivities: GL2 extract and PS7, PS8 inhibit strong NO production with IC50 22.47, 22.7, 25.1 µg/ml respectively;  GL3 extract showed even higher antioxidant than the control L-Ascorbic with SC50 6.91 µg/ml; PS5, PS10, PS11, PS12, PS13 exhibited good cytotoxic activity with cell viability percentages ranging from 59.9±0.98 % to 84.2±0.98 % and from 77.7±0.81 % to 100.3±0.78 % on CAL27 (oral adenosquamous carcinoma cell) and MDA-MB-321 (breast cancer cell) cell lines, respectively.

Products of the project

- Scientific papers in referred journals:
+ Le Thi Hong Nhung, Phan Thi Quyen, Trinh Thi Thuy, Nguyen Thanh Tam, Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh, Do Thi Thanh Xuan, Nguyen Xuan Nhiem, Bui Huu Tai, Phan Van Kiem (2020), New Neolignan and Dihydrostilbene Derivatives from Pouzolzia sanguinea Inhibit NO Production in LPS- Activated BV2 Cells, Natural product Communications, Volume 15(8): 1–6, DOI:10.1177/1934578X20948360
+: Le Thi Hong Nhung, Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh, Bui Huu Tai, Phan Van Kiem (2021), Isolation of lignans and neolignans from Pouzolzia sanguinea with their cytotoxic activity, Vietnam J. Chem., 59(2), 146-152, DOI: 10.1002/vjch.202000120.
+ Le Thi Hong Nhung, Nguyen The Huu, Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh, Ngo Anh Bang (2022), Phân lập và xác định cấu trúc một số hợp chất stilbenoid từ loài Gắm cọng (Gnetum latifolium), Journal of Science and Technology – Hanoi University of Industry, Vol 58, No 2, 118-122.
+ Le Thi Hong Nhung, Nguyen The Huu, Nguyen Ngoc Thai (2022), Hoạt tính sinh học của loài Gắm cọng, Journal of Science and Technology – Hanoi University of Industry, No 3/2022, 11-14.
-  Patents: No
- Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place): Spectrometer NMR, MS; bioactivity results of Pouzolzia sangainea, Gnetum latifolium – Institute of chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
+ 18 compounds: 02 Minutes of  Acceptance and the hanover  – Graduate University of Science and Technology
+ 01 Spectral profiles of isolated compounds such as NMR, MS.. – Graduate University of Science and Technology
+ 01 report on spectral analysis and determination of chemical structutr of isolated compounds – Graduate University of Science and Technology
+ 01 report the results of testing biological activities of 2 research species such as anti imflammatory, antioxidant and cytotoxic– Graduate University of Science and Technology
- Other products (if applicable):
+ Training 01 master: Decision to assign master thesis topic, Decision to defend master’s thesis, Master’s thesis defense minutes - Hanoi University of Industry.


- Continue to study on bioactivities of new compound (PS7), especially anti imflammatory mechanism.
- Study on process to create PS7 rich extract intended for application pharmaceutical chemistry.


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