Project's information

Project's title Completing the production technology of nitrifying - denitrifying preparations to treat aquatic environment
Project’s code UDSXTN-03/20-21
Research hosting institution Institute of Biotechnology
Research hosting institution other MAYA farm joint-stock company
Project leader’s name Dr. Ha Phuong Hoang
Job Title, The rank of a Professor, Academic degree Dr
Project duration 01/01/2020 - 30/06/2022
Project’s budget 3,010,000,000 VND Government fund: 900,000,000 VND Counterpart fund: 2,110,000,000 VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project

To develop a production process of a “nitrification-denitrification” bio-product (with a scale of 100 kg/batch.), containing nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, aims for treating shrimp farming aquatic environment


Main results

Theoretical results:
-    Collecting a set of nitrogen-converting bacteria including ammonium oxidizing bacteria, nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, and nitrite reducing bacteria
-    Perfecting the production process of a bio-products that are capable of treating ammonium and nitrite polluted shrimp farming aquatic environment
Applied results:
The application of the formed bio-product in nitrogen wastewater treatment enables the oxidation of ammonia and reduction of nitrate/nitrite concurrently in a single aerated bioreactor. Moreover, both of these bacteria groups are aerobic, so they would not be affected by the aeration process. Therefore, the resulting product has scientific and practical value and can be easily applied in the field.


Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

The bio-product obtained from the project can be effectively used to treat nitrogen-polluted wastewater. The bio-product contains both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria which were immobilized in a biochar carrier and able to perform the processes of nitrification-denitrification simultaneously. Especially, the denitrifying bacteria used in the project could reduce nitrate substances under both oxic and anoxic conditions. The aerobic nitrate removal efficiency of the bacteria was 3 times higher than that under anaerobic condition. Moreover, the denitrifying bacteria can directly reduce nitrate and nitrite to nitrogen gas. Therefore, in the case of combining both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria in one bio-product, it would shorten the nitrogen converting pathway. Consequently, increasing the nitrogen removal efficiency.


Products of the project

Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
-    “Modification of expanded clay carrier for enhancing the immobilization and nitrogen removal capacity of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria in the aquaculture system”, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, 2022.
-    “Effect of solid-state fermentation conditions on nitrogen converting bacteria in the production of aquatic wastewater treatment product”, Vietnam National Biotechnology conference 2021, p. 1192-1197
-    “Some biological properties of aerobic denitrifying bacteria isolated in commercial breeding shrimp areas in Vietnam”, Vietnam National Biotechnology conference 2020, p. 371-376.
Patents (list):
-    Applicated Useful Solution No. 1-2021-00388: Hoang Phuong Ha,  “A pure cultured denitrifying Bacillus cereus ST26, can carry out the nitrite reduction under both oxic and anoxic conditions, effectively utilize saccharose as main C-source for bacteria growth instead of yeast extract, meat extract, and peptone”.
Technological products (describe in detail: technical characteristics, place):
-    Collection of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria in which 3 aerobic nitrate/nitrite bacteria, including Bacillus sp. ST20, Bacillus sp. ST26, Pseudomonas sp. BL5 was newly isolated and preserved at the Institute of Biotechnology.
-    The “nitrification-denitrification”  bio-product: 300 kg (was used in treating ammonia, nitrite pollution in shrimp farming aquaculture system at Tra Vinh province, Vietnam)
Other products (if applicable):
01 Production process of the “nitrification-denitrification” bio-product, the scale of 100 kg/batch (Recognition decisions No.  579/QĐ-CNSH on 23/7/21)
Product Disclosure ( Prepared the relevant application documents)


Research region

MAYA farm joint-stock company; 2528/3A Duong An Phu Dong 3, Quarter 3, An Phu Dong Ward, 12, Ho Chi Minh. Place of application: Tra Ving provice (the aquaculture farm that belongs to Maya Farm company)


The obtained results from the present project will be the basis for launching a national trial production project model at an industrial scale of 500-1000 kg/batch. Collaboration with industrial organizations will create favorable conditions for applying advanced technology and modern equipment during the production process.
Expected project budget: 5-6 billion VND from Government funding and 6 billion VND from Counterpart fund.


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