Project's information

Project's title Commercialization of nickel chromium alloy coating product fabricated by electric arc spraying technology to improve erosion and corrosion resistance for industrial equipment's parts working in harsh environments
Project’s code UDSPTM.03/20-21
Research hosting institution Institute for Tropical Technology
Coordinating unit, co-chair Dai Duong electrical mechanical company limited.
Project leader’s name Dr. Ly Quoc Cuong
Project duration 01/01/2020 - 30/06/2022
Project’s budget 1000 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project

Goals: Promote and popularize applied scientific research results with the aim of responding to the requirements of production reality; encourage and implement promotional activities as well as product introduction; apply commonly thermal spraying technology in the field of restoring worn machine parts, improving the life of machine parts and the quality of domestic products, and limiting imports.
Objectives: Completing the manufacturing process of NiCr, NiCr/Al electric arc coating to widely apply them in the market to enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of industrial equipment’s parts that work in harsh environments.

Products of the project

-    Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):
+ NiCr coating resists corrosion and erosion: 30 m2
+ NiCr/Al coating resists corrosion and erosion: 32.5 m2
-    Patents (list):
+ 01 Trademark for NiCr coating (published in 05/2021)
-    Other products (if applicable):
+ 01 Base standard for NiCr and NiCr/Al coatings after completing heat treatment and sealant treatment process, was issued on May 31, 2021.
Standard name: TCCS TC NC 0216:2021-ST “Erosion-corrosion resistance of chromium nickel alloy coating made by electric arc spray technology”.
+ 02 Technological processes for manufacturing NiCr and NiCr/Al alloy coatings which have been appraised and accepted.
+ 01 Contract of transferring the right to use the manufacturing process of NiCr and NiCr/Al alloy coatings was signed between the Institute of Tropical Engineering and Dai Duong electrical mechanical company limited in December 2021. Total contract value: 130,620,000 VND.


NiCr coating fabricated by electric arc after completion responded basically to the creation of a restoration coating for worn equipment’s parts and improved the age of new equipment’s parts that work in erosion-corrosion condition. However, to achieve industrial production with higher productivity, we realize that it is necessary to continue to solve the following problems:
+ The electric arc spraying equipment of the Institute of Tropical Technology - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has been used for many years, so we need equipment with higher efficiency. Moreover, it is necessary to add other thermal spraying technologies to further improve the coating quality, such as HVOF spray technology, Plasma coating technology and so forth.
+ In the project, the procedure is only performed on a small scale, so it is necessary to proceed on a larger scale for process completion.
Therefore, we look forward to continuing to carry out another project in this research direction and hope to receive the support of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology as well as the Institute of Tropical Technology.

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