Project's information

Project's title Study on preparation of high performance rubber nanocomposites bases on blends of NBR/UHMWPE for application manufacturing high wear-resistant and oil- resistant rubber parts
Project’s code UDPTCN 07/19 - 21
Research hosting institution Center for High Technology Development
Project leader’s name Dr. Luong Nhu Hai
Project duration 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2020
Project’s budget 600 million VND
Classify Excellent
Goal and objectives of the project

- Preparation of nanocomposite rubber materials with high mechanical and technology properties, grease resistance and wear resistance.
- Application of nanocomposite rubber material in manufacturing rubber bearings in pumps and wear-resistant and grease-resistant rubber parts in industrial equipment and engines.

Main results

Technological results:
- Developed a technological process for manufacturing high-performance rubber blend nanocomposites on the basis of NBR/UHMWPEblend.
Theoretical results:
- A rubber blend has been made on the basis of NBR rubber and UHMWPE plastic, the optimal NBR/UHMWPE ratio is 90/10. The NBR/UHMWPE blend with 10% CR (compared to UHMWPE) as a compatibilizer has significantly improved the mechanical and thermal properties of the material.
- It has been determined that the carbon black (CB) suitablecontent for the NBR/UHMWPE blend (90/10) is 40 phr. At this content, the tensile strength increased by 15% and the highest decomposition temperature increased by 6.6oC compared with the unfilled rubber blend sample.
- Researched the effect of synergisticeffect when combining modified nanofiller (1phr CNT-CTAB or 3phr NS-TESPT) with 40 phr carbon black (CB) on the properties of the material. The morphological structure of the material is tighter, leading to further improvements in the mechanical and thermal properties of the material.
Applied results:
- Five products have been manufactured as a sample of rubber bearings for pumps from the researched high performance rubber blend nanocomposite.

Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

- Studied and prepration new materials, rubber blends based on NBR rubber and UHMWPE plastic with CR rubber compatibilizer (10% content compared to UHMWPE plastic).
- Studied the application of synergisticeffect of nanosilica and carbon black additives in the prepration of high-performance nanocomposites rubber.
- High-performance NBR/UHMWPE/CB/NS nanocomposite rubber material has been applied in manufacturing rubber bearings for pumps.

Products of the project

- Patents (list):
+ Patent No. 29366: “Nanomposite rubber materials and their preparation process”, dated July 28, 2021 by the NOIP.
- Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
+Luong Nhu Hai, Nguyen Thi Ngoan, Ngo Trinh Tung, Nguyen Viet Dung, Hoang Thi Huong Thuy, Le Thi Thuy Hang, Synergistic effect of nano fillers and carbon black on mechanical properties of rubber blends based on butadiene nitrile rubber, Journal of Chemistry, 58(5E12), 247-252, 2020.
- Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):

No Products Quantity Technical characteristics Place
1 High performance nanocomposite rubber material 1.5kg

- Tensile strength: 24.18-25.62 MPa
- Elongation at break: 386-415%
- Hardness: 86-88 Shore A
- Abrasion: ≤ 0.182 cm3/1.61 km
- Compression set: 32.5%
- Swelling in oil: ≤ 5.6%

Center for High Technology Development, VAST
2 Rubber bearings 0,5 pcs

- Dimensions: 78x98x138 (mm)
- Rubber material has technical features as above

Center for High Technology Development, VAST

- Other products:
+ Manufacturing process of high-performance nanocomposite rubber materials

Research area

The results of the project can be applied in rubber enterprises that have a need to manufacture technical products, high-performance rubber parts, especially rubber products with high wear resistance and grease resistance.

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