Project's information

Project's title Study on application of LED lamp for combination with seines fishing lights at offshore waters
Project’s code VAST.ƯDCN.01/15-16
Research hosting institution Institute of Oceanography
Project leader’s name Nguyen Phi Uy Vu
Project duration 01/10/2015 - 30/06/2019
Project’s budget 1,200 million VND
Classify Fair
Goal and objectives of the project

Using environmentally friendly energy sources, saving energy and improving economic efficiency in fishing.

Main results

-    Technological results: LED lights
-    Theoretical results: Scientific report summarizing tasks
-    Applied results: The process of equipping, installing and using LED lights on seines fishing.


Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

Application of LED in seines fishing industry combined with offshore fishing light

Products of the project

-    Patents (list): Accept the application for utility solution No. 2-2019-00238 dated 24/6/2019 of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam
-    Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
    + Nguyen Phi Uy Vu, Vo Si Tuan, Bui Hong Long, Tran Trung Tuong, Nguyen Phan Khue, 2016. Some initial results in cooperation study on LED lamp fisheries. Collection of marine research: Episode 22: 151 - 158.
    + Nguyen Phi Uy Vu, 2017. Results of application of LED lighting systems on seine nets combine light in offshore waters. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Agricultural Extension Center; Agricultural Extension Forum @ Agriculture; Thematic issue No. 26/2017: 56 - 69.
-    Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place):

No Technical characteristics Place
1 Thematic: Survey of the situation of seines fishing in combination with light at Khanh Hoa Institute of oceanography
2 Thematic: Study to select LED system suitable for use in light seines fishing Institute of oceanography
3 Thematic: Results of catching and testing LED system in seines fishing Institute of oceanography
4 Thematic: Analyzing, evaluating, developing the necessary technical parameters of LED system, effectively using LED lights of seines fishing with light Institute of oceanography
5 Thematic: Technical process of using LED lights for offshore light seines fishing Institute of oceanography
6 The report summarizes the research results Institute of oceanography

-    Other products (if applicable):
+ LED controller - mounted on board KH-90208-TS
+ LED lights DC02L / 140W (32 pieces) - installed on board KH-90208-TS
+ News article introducing the topic results (2 articles):
   Website: and
+ Support for 01 master training at Nha Trang University

Images of project
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