Project's information

Project's title Research system additives from natural compounds increasing the cetan index, antioxidants and against delaminating of mixture of biodiesel (B-5-B20)
Project leader’s name Ass.Prof. Dr. Ho Son Lam
Project duration 01/01/2010 - 01/01/2011
Project’s budget 400.000.000,00 VND
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Goal and objectives of the project

Research additives produced from natural compounds to increase the oxidative stability index, growth cetane index and anti-of the layer separation of biodiesel B-100 and mix it with diesel.

Main results

Theoretical results

  • Industry fuel additive is actually a great power of world exports in this area and only a handful of monopolies. Most additives are materials on patent and not as widely publicized.
  • In Vietnam there is not much published about the additives for fuels, particularly in the field of biofuels. Vietnam still has to import additives for fossil fuels. Additives for biofuels have not already.
  • This is the first theme in the country of additives for biofuels.

Applied results

  • Project has studied the use of natural compounds have no toxic components as additives for biodiesel fuel.
  • To master the technology and process of manufacture can be additive to increase the cetane up 4-5 units, increased oxidative stability index of B100 to over 20 hours (International Standards only 6 hours) against delamination of the B5-B20 mixture of 1 year (6 months international standards) and turbidity reduce the heat, the freezing temperature of diesel fuel, biodiesel and their mixtures down to 0oC.
  • Emission has been studied samples of fuel additives and found that the toxic components in exhaust gases significantly.
  • Subject studied 06 samples synthesized additives from natural substances in Vietnam and 04 samples from chemical additives basic.
  • The additive model defined chemical composition, manufacturing process technologies in the lab, determine the effect of increasing the cetane index, Oxidation stability index, antilayer separation, temperature turbidity and the freezing temperature of diesel fuel, biodiesel and their mixtures (B5-B20).
  • The additive model was used in the field trials with positive results, can be applied for diesel, or B5-B20 mixture.
Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results
  • The use of natural compounds from biomass resources in Vietnam to produce additives for fuels. The number of published works in the world in this field are few.
  • To master the production technology additives and blending technologies, storage of spent fuel mixing in conditions of Vietnam.