Project's information

Project's title Research early antigen expression, specificity of prostate cancer (EPCA) to produce diagnostic kit
Project leader’s name Assoc.Prof. PhD. Le Quang Huan
Project duration 01/01/2009 - 01/01/2010
Project’s budget 300 000 000 VND
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Goal and objectives of the project

Create antibodies specific antigen expressed early, specific for prostate cancer (EPCA) to produce diagnostic Kit.

Main results
  • Theoretical results: Have isolated and determined the nucleotide sequence of gene encoding antigen EPCA, that gene has the similarity in amino acid sequence is 95% compared with sequences published in patent 7,568,042. The gene epca has been expressed in E. coli and purified. EPCA amount obtained to ensure the acquisition of specific antibodies by phage display techniques. Has built a process received scFv antibody against to EPCA and initially applied to quantify the antigen EPCA in the serum samples by real-time PCR technique. Has completed the requirements for training and publication of scientific articles.
  • Applied results: Initially using antibodies specific antigen EPCA to quantify in some serum samples
Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results

Already established acquisition procedures specific antibody target antigens using phage display techniques and applications single chain antibody scFv expressed on phage able to quantify antigen in serum samples when combined with technical real-time PCR.


Continue to be done to improve KIT for detection of EPCA in prostate cancer.