Project's information

Research hosting institution Institute of Mechanics
Project leader’s name Dr. Tran Thu Ha
Project duration 01/01/2009 - 01/01/2010
Project’s budget 300 000 000VND
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Goal and objectives of the project

Apply the new Mathematical methods to build the water pollution software

Main results

Theoretical results:

  • Kalman filter method to pollution program
  • Parameter correction by optimal variation method
  • Parallel method for water pollution problem by OpenMP
  • Water pollution program considering the effects of temperatures and lights for 1D program and system of substances for 2D program
  • The results are published in 2 papers and 1 paper í submited  to 1 international journal
  • One part of the project is the content of MS thesis of the project’s member

Applied results: 1 soft ware consists of 1D and 2D water pollution models that calculate 2 real examples such as Day River and Thanhnhan Lake.

Novelty and actuality and scientific meaningfulness of the results
  • Kalman filter method for water pollution program
  • SEIK Kalman for 2D water program (it is the new adding part in project not in project’s proposal)
  • Parameter correction by optimal variation method for water pollution 2D model
  • Parallel method for 2D water pollution model using OpenMP method for PC with multi cores
  • 1D water pollution model considering effects of temperatures and lights
  • 2D water pollution calculated the system of substances
Products of the project

Scientific papers in referred journals (list):

  • Tran Thu Ha “2D-Model of contaminant transmission in water“, ICEMA - Hanoi, July 1-2 2010, p. 238-245
  • Tran Thu Ha, Nguyen Hong Phong. “2D-Model of contaminant water transmission processes and numerical simulation on a natural lake“, 2010, J. of Mechanics}, No 3, 157-166

Technological products (describe in details: technical characteristics, place): Water pollution software 1D and 2D with the applications of the new and modern mathematic methods (Institute of Mechanics)

Research region

Day River and Thanhnhan Lake


Continue developing project in the new period to improve software.