Publishing scientific and technological works in the form of Science journals, Monographic Books, Reference Books, Textbooks, etc is among the important scientific and technological functions of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. With its large team of scientists, each year it has hundreds of books, thousands of articles published in 12 journals specialized for science and technology, and hundreds of articles published in international journals with ever-increasing quality.

Publishing scientific and technological journal

Currently, VAST is publishing 12 journals specialized for science and technology. These are widely-read journals recognized and licensed by the government. Several journals have been upgraded from being published in Vietnamese to being published in English such as Vietnam Journal of Mathematics, Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, and Communications in Physics and Advances in Natural Sciences: Nano Sciences and Nanotechnology. The Vietnam Journal of Mathematics has received the cooperation of Springer Publishing House of Singapore to be published internationally for years. Quality of the journals is improved year after year in terms of content, form, quantity and frequency of publication, etc. This improvement has helped meet the demand of publicizing the scientific research results of domestic and foreign scholars and scientists.
The editorial boards of the journals consist of leading scientists in universities, academies and institutes nationwide. The editorial boards of some journals are also sat by foreign scientists from UK, France, Russia, etc.

Articles published in the journals are all of scientific value and precise with copyrights following the current regulations of the government, and those of the editorial boards. Normally, an article must undergo strict assessment, evaluation, editing and review to ensure its scientific quality and other requirements of the editorial boards before it is published.

Facing requirements of integration and development, In 2010 VAST decided to invest in upgrading publishing its 12 journals under the international standards of journal, has been striving for having at least 1 to 3 journals get the international standards (ISI.) by the 2014 These are the Journal: Advances in Natural Sciences: NanoSciences and Nanotechnology (ANSNN), Acta Mathematica Vietnammica, and Vietnam Journal of Mathematics. The year 2011 is the second year Electronic Journal of ANSNN to be published under the cooperation agreement with IOP Publishing, number of its access is very significant (there were 500 downloads of ANSNN content and each article downloaded an average of 286 times in 2011, bring the total of download up to 47.000 times), and many customers have been interested in ordering the print works.

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ANSN image on the IOP website VJM image on the Springer website

Publishing scientific and technological book

In addition to publishing periodical scientific journals, VAST slates every year a special fund for publishing scientific works in the form of books.

A Monographic Book Volume has been continued to publish, it is divided into 4 fields:

  • Monographs within the field of technology and technological development
  • Monographs within the field of natural resources and environment of Vietnam
  • Monographs within the field of sea and marine technology
  • Textbooks for training graduate and postgraduate education.

The monographs are selected and published are the results of one field of science and technology by the author or the co-authors after many years of research, summarization, they were enhanced to theory in the higher range and highly appreciated in the term of science by scientists and managers. Their form is presented consistent, printed with high quality and solemnity. After publication, the PST has released to the required addresses, according to the plan a set of book will be published about 5-10 books per year, and respectively published 07 monograph, books in 2011.

To continue publish a set of book on the Vietnamese Sea – Islands. This is ordered by the Government which VAST has the strong point. By the end of 2011 the set of book was published 20 books in the fields related to the sea and islands. By the assessments of scientists and other readers, it has high scientific value and is very useful in popularizing and improving people's knowledge about the marine sector, contributing to National Sea Strategies up to 2020.

- In 2011 implemented registration the publishing plan including 18 times of 130 book titles. Granted decision of publishing for works that enough standards under the criterions in accordance with principles and objectives of the PST, permitted by Government agencies. There were not any errors in publishing works in 2011.

- PST continued to participate in Vietnam Book Award and won the high prize: These books are Earthquake Tsunami, author Prof. Dr Bui Cong Que and Atlas of Vietnam Insects, the author Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Prof. Doctor of Science. Vu Quang Con won Silver Prize.

Orientation of publishing activity for 2012 and the follow years

  • Maintaining the publication of 12 specialized journals with incremental improvement in content, form and print quality.
  • Continuing to invest in upgrading the quality of three English language journals, which are the Mathematics and Advances in Natural Sciences: NanoSciences and Nanotechnology and Acta  Mathematica Vietnammica journals, particularly Acta  Mathematica Vietnammica journal has been striving for getting the international standards (ISI) after the year 2014.
  • Continuing to publish monographs in the Monographic Book volume following the strengths of the VAST.
  • Participating in publication of books per orders of the Government for the National Bookcase, especially in fields where VAST is apparently strong such as books on sea and islands, natural resources and environment, and basic research.