02 Hungvuong St., Nhatrang City, Vietnam.

Director: Dr. Pham Duc Thinh
Vice Directors: Dr. Huynh Hoang Nhu Khanh
                          Dr. Nguyen Duy Nhut

Decision No:  197/QĐ-KHCNVN February 12th 2007
Signed by: President of VAST- Prof. Dang Vu Minh 

02 Hungvuong St., Nhatrang City, Vietnam.
Phone: (0258)3521781
Email: vanthu@nitra.vast.vn
Website: www.nitra.ac.vn
Director: Dr. Pham Duc Thinh
Vice Directors: Dr. Huynh Hoang Nhu Khanh
  Dr. Nguyen Duy Nhut

President: Dr. Senior Researcher. Pham Duc Thinh
Vice President: Dr. Senior Researcher Le Dinh Hung
Secretary: Dr. Senior Researcher. Vo Mai Nhu Hieu


Functions: Nha trang Institute of Technology Reseach and Application (NITRA) is now one of the basic science and technology organizations of Vietnam Academy of Sciencce and Technology (VAST) with main regular function: Scientific research, consultation, hand-over and development of the results of science-technology research resulting into the production processes.


- Submit to the President of VAST on the planning, research programs and implementation of long –term, five years and annual plans, projects of NITRA.
- Propose and participate in building strategy for development of science-technology, education and training, conservation of natural resources and ecological environment in central Vietnam.
- Investigate natural resources and conditions, environment as a scientific database for regional social-economic planning and development.
- Organize scientific and technological activities and applications in the following fields:
+ Marine biology and biotechnology.
+ Organic biochemisttry and marine chemistry technology.
+ Materials science and technology.
+ Applied physics and computational physics.
- Performing some of space-technology works assigned by the President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
- R&D activities, pilot production, consultation, applied science-technology services.
- Cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific organizations in high level science technology training of human resources to meet the regional demand.
- International co-operation on technology research and application.


Sections, Departments:

•    Department of Chemical Analysis & Technology Development
•    Department of Marine Biology and Biotechnology
•    Department of Applied Physics
•    Department of Corrosion Research and Electrochemical Technology
•    Department of Organic materials from sea resources
•    New Technology Application Center
•    Hon Chong Centre for Advanced and Innovation

Units: Department of Administrator

Total : 54
Associate Professors : 01
Doctors : 14
Masters: 19
Bachelors : 10
Others : 10


a. Basic research and technology development:

- Investigate, evaluate current situation, propose solutions to protect and restore resources of seaweed. Conserve genetic resources and build growing models to develop their biomass;
- Comprehensive research on bioactive active ingredients (polyphenols, lectins, quinone, fucoidan, ...) from marine organisms; research on technology to integrate highly efficient processing of seaweed and marine algae;
- Building a collection of marine microorganisms, studying bioactive substances from these microorganisms (enzymes, secondary metabolites,…);
- Research technology to manufacture nanomaterials used in medicine, as sensors, and anti-corrosion coating by electrochemical methods;
- Fabrication and research on thermoluminescent materials and applications in medicine, archeology, and environmental research. Manufacturing and researching quantum dot materials. Apply information technology in computational physics and simulation;
- Application of GIS technology and Remote sensing technique for investigating marine resources and terrestrial creature resources. Study mid-range and mid-range space.

b. Deployment application: Chemical, physical and biological analysis services; Technology transfer to produce oligosaccharides and polysaccharides for medicinal purposes and food products; Transfer of coating fabrication technologies by electrochemical methods.

c. Training: Training Master and Doctor in fields: chemistry, biology and physics ...




a. Prizes:

- Certificate of Merit, Gold Cup and Awards of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Khanh Hoa Science and Technology Innovation Contest for the research project "Process of manufacturing fucoidan from Vietnamese brown seaweed with anti-cancer properties and strengthening healthy people” according to the Commendation Decision No. 08/QĐ-KT, signed on September 10th 2009;
- Certificate of Merit, gold logo for Vietnam Science and Technology innovation and award of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations for the author who won the 3rd prize, the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award 2009-Vifotec with the project "Research technology and equipment for pilot-scale fucoidan production from a number of Vietnamese brown seaweed species "according to the Commendation Decision No. 1725/QĐ-LHH dated January 15th 2010;
- Certificate of creative labor from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor for Assoc. PhD. Bui Minh Ly won the title of creative worker in the patriotic emulation movement in 2009 (Decision No. 581/QĐ-TLĐ signed on April 14th 2010) and PhD. Dang Xuan Cuong won the title of creative worker in the patriotic emulation movement in 2018 (Decision No. 827/QĐ-TLD dated May 24th 2019);
- The third prize (no first and second prizes) and the consolation prize of the Science and Technology Innovation Award in Khanh Hoa province (2016-2017).

b. Intellectual Property

- Patent utility solution "The process of farming alternately green seaweed", granted under Decision No. 33005/QĐ-SHTT, on June 6th 2016;
- Patent utility solution "Process of producing polyphenol rich powder from corn leaves (ZEA MAYS L.) and polyphenol rich powder product obtained from this process", granted under Decision No. 94367/QĐ-SHTT on December 25th 2018;
- Patent for the invention "Antioxidant rich product containing polyphenols and carotenoids from brown seaweed Sargassum", by number: 21542, according to Decision No. 53616/QĐ-SHTT, on July 1st 2019.
- Patent utility solution "direct sulfate process of baker's yeast to prepare glucan sulfate", issued under Decision No. 15175w/QĐ-SHTT, on October 2nd 2020.

c. Technology transfer

Some pictures of products have been transferred with technology

Fucogastro product relieves stomach disorders and aids in therapy to prevent the formation of gastrointestinal cancer cells. The product has been transferred production technology to Fucoidan Vietnam Joint Stock Company in Nha Trang.

Product Genk STF - High sulfated fucoidan, low molecular weight inheritance and superior effect of conventional Fucoidan

d. Publications published

During the period from 2015 to now, Nha Trang Institute of Technology Research and Application has had over 100 scientific works published; in which about 50 works are published in prestigious international journals, the rest are published in specialized journals in the country.

Website: http://www.nitra.ac.vn