Address: Building A30, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
Director: Prof. Trinh Van Tuyen
Vice Director: Assoc. Prof. Principal reseacher Do Van Manh
                       Dr. Senior specialist Nguyen Tran Dien
                       Dr. Principal reseacher Nguyen Thanh Dong

Decision No 148/2002/QD-TTg dated on Oct. 30, 2002
Signed by: Prime Minister

18 Hoang Quoc Viet Rd., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tell: (+84) 24.3756.9136
Fax: (+84) 24.3791.1203
Director: Prof.Dr. Trinh Van Tuyen
Vice Directors: Assoc. Prof. Principal reseacher Do Van Manh

Dr. Senior specialist Nguyen Tran Dien

  Dr. Principal reseacher Nguyen Thanh Dong
  • Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Senior reseacher Nguyen Hoai Chau
  • Vice Chairman:Dr. Principal reseacher Nguyen Thanh Dong; Dr. Principal reseacher  Nguyen Tuan Minh
  • Secretary: Dr. Principal reseacher  Duong Thi Hanh
  • Members: Prof. Senior reseacher Dang Dinh Kim; Assoc. Prof. Principal reseacher Bui Thi Kim Anh; Assoc. Prof. Senior reseacher Tang Thi Chinh; Prof. Senior reseacher Nguyen Thi Hue; Assoc. Prof. Principal reseacher Do Van Manh; Assoc. Prof. Senior reseacher Duong Thi Thuy; Assoc. Prof. Senior reseacher Trinh Van Tuyen; Dr. Senior specialist Nguyen Tran Dien; Dr. Principal reseacher  Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai; Dr. Principal reseacher  Nguyen Viet Hoang; Dr. Principal reseacher  Phan Do Hung; Dr. Principal reseacher  Le Thanh Son; Dr. Principal reseacher Bui Quang Minh;

Functions: To conduct science - technology research in the field of environment


  • Implementation of fundamental and application research in the field of environmental science and technology
  • Research new and advanced technology in the field of environmental pollution treatment, to serve sustainable development in Vietnam
  • Research and produce materials, measurement equipment, treatment equipment, et.c to serve environmental protection.
  • Science – technology services in the field of environmental protection:

       + Consulting, designing and transferring environmental protection works. Environmental planning, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring, environmental analysis
       +  Supplying materials, equipment and contructing environmental works. Assessment of environmental equipments and technologies

  • Supporting environmental management: participating in building environmental database, constructing and implementating strategies, action programs to protect regional and national environment.
  • Consulting for state management agencies, organizations, enterprises on environmental protection, applying advanced technology into production
  • Implementing international cooperation activities in scientific research and technological development on envinronment
  • Training high qualified human resources in environmental technology. Postgraduate training.

- Department of Environmental Planning
- Department of Environmental Enhancement Solutions
- Department of Environmental Physico – Chemistry
- Department of Environmental Friendly Technology
- Department of Environmental Hydrobiology
- Department of Environmental Microbiology
- Department of Solid Waste and Air Pollution
- Department of Water Treatment Technology
- Department of Environmental Quality Analysis
- Department of Environmental Toxic Analysis
- Department of Technology Application and Transfer
- Center for Environmental Technology in Da Nang
- Center for Environmental Technology in Ho Chi Minh City
- Center for Membrane Technology Research and Development

Management Units:  
 General Management Department  
Total: 208
  • Payroll: 46
  • Labour contract: 162   
  • Associate Professors: 07
  • Doctors: 22
  • Masters: 88
  • Bachelors: 81
  • Others: 10


  • Research of science and technology:

- IET has been following 05 research directions, including:
- Environmental treatment technology
- Environmental Bio-Technology
- Environmental monitoring and analysis  
- Material technology applied in environmental treatment
- Environmental planning and management

  • Application and Development:

- Environmental monitor and analysis
- Consulting and assessing environmental strategies and environmental impact assessment
- Consulting on making economic - technical reports; designing technological systems to treat environmental pollution
- Construction and technological transfer of environmental pollution treatment works
- Producing and supplying materials, analytical tools and equipments for environmental monitoring and analysis; and environmental disinfection
- Education and training
- Science and Technology

  • International cooperation: IET has signed agreements and implemented cooperation in scientific research, technological application with Japan, RO Korea, France, Russia, Belarus, Germany, etc.
  • Scientific publications: IET has publised 542 scientific publication in high quality domestic and intenational journals.
  • Publishing books and textbooks: IET has published 21 books and textbooks on environmental technology
  • In 2018, the Institute of Environmental Technology was continuously assigned by the government and the national management agencies on conducting task of confirming the completion of environmental protection works for operation period in Iron and Steel Complex and Son Duong port. IET also supervise the remediation of environmental violations of Hung Nghiep FORMOSA Ha Tinh Steel Limited Company. Conducting environmental monitoring and confirming the completion of environmental protection works of Nghi Son refinery and Petrochemical LLC Thanh Hoa.
  • A project "Method for producing poultry feed additive mixture and feed additive mixture obtained by this method" is a part  of the result of national-level independent research: "Research on production and use of metal complex preparations in poultry farming", is one of the outstanding products of the IET in 2018. With outstanding advantages is the production of poultry feed additive mixture containing Fe, Cu, ZnO and Se nanoparticles, which is used in very small quantities to replace some trace elements in the form of salt being widely used to supplement animal feed. Using this product enhances efficiency of breeding, reduce disease, reduce the amount of trace elements uses, and reduce  feed costs, increase egg and meat production, reduce environmental pollution and bring about high economic efficiency for farmers, that can be widely used in poultry farming. The product has been granted a patent for utility solution No. 1651 under Decision No. 6774 / QD-SHTT dated February 5, 2018 by the National Office of Intellectual Property.
  • Artificial wetland model for secondary wastewater treatment at Formosa Ha Tinh Company was carried out by Assoc.Prof. Bui Thi Kim Anh according to the economic contracts between GM Construction Company and Institute of Environmental Technology. This model is a part of patent for invention No. 17174, issued under the Decision No. 44563 / QD-SHTT dated July 4, 2017 by the National Office of Intellectual Property. This model has high treatment efficiency, the treated soil and water meet the permitted standards with low cost, simple operation. The model has been operated for 18 months at Formosa Ha Tinh Company and proved the stable treatment efficiency and efluent is safe with the ecosystem.
Head office of Institute of Environmental Technology Institute of Environmental Technology organized French - Vietnamese conference

IET received the Second Class Labor Medal the President of Vietnam

The picure of the 17th anniversary of the Institute's establishment