1H Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thi Hong Minh
Vice Directors: Prof. Nguyen Manh Cuong
                          Dr. Do Huu Nghi
                          Dr. Pham Minh Quan

No. of Decree: 65/CT dated March 05, 1990.
By: Prime Minister.
Signed by: Government of Vietnam

1H Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: 024. 37916851
Fax: 024. 37564390
Director: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Thi Hong Minh
Vice Directors: Prof. Nguyen Manh Cuong
  Dr. Do Huu Nghi
  Dr. Pham Minh Quan

Chairman: Professor, Dr.  Le Mai Huong

Vice President: Prof. Dr. Pham Quoc Long

Vice President: Professor, Dr.   Nguyen Manh Cuong

Council Secretary: Associate Professor, Dr.   Nguyen Thi Hong Van

Commissioner: Prof.Dr. Hoang Thanh Huong; Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Nguyen; Prof.Dr. Ngo Kim Chi; Prof.Dr. Le Minh Ha; Prof.Dr. Pham Thi Hong Minh; Dr. Luu Van Chinh; Dr. Le Thi Phuong Quynh; Dr. Do Huu Nghi; Dr. Le Huu Cuong; Dr. Tran Thi Nhu Hang; Dr. Nguyen Phi Hung; Dr. Doan Lan Phuong; Dr. Le Tat Thanh; Dr. Tran Thi Thu Thuy; Dr. Ha Viet Hai


Functions: Basic research, baseline surveys, technology development and training of highly qualified personnel in the field of natural products chemistry and other areas in accordance with relevant legislation.


  • Administration office 
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 
  • Bio-Chemitry Agriculture and Essential Oils Laboratory 
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory 
  • Organic-Bio Chemistry Laboratory 
  • Experimental Biology Laboratory 
  • Bioactive Compounds Laboratory 
  • Technological and Chemical Equipment Laboratory 
  • Research and Development on Natural Resources Processing Laboratory 
  • Organic Synthesize Laboratory 
  • Centre of Environmental Chemistry (CTC) 
  • Centre for Development of Environmental Technologies and Materials
  • Center of Development and Research Natural Products
  • Centre of Chemical Plant and Biomedical Nanotechnology
Total: 91
  • Professor: 01
  • Associate Professor: 06
  • Doctor of Science: 
  • Doctors: 26
  • Masters: 19
  • Bachelors: 36
  • Other: 03

The scientific and technological activites under registration certificate issued by Minister of Science and Technology:
Reseach and deploy technology on the field of natural products chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, food industry, agriculture, environment and processing natural materials.
Producing and trading products based on research results or improve technology for pharmaceutical chemistry, food industry, agriculture, environmental protection, explore and exploit oil and gas.
Scientific and Technology services: Training to improve skills, consulting, design and produce equipments, analyze, evaluate, monitor, transfer technology on the areas mentioned above.
Training activies: Training PhD student on the fied of Natural Products Chemistry, code: (Based on Decree No. 521/TTg dated May 29, 1995 by Prime Minister and Decree No. 1349/QĐ-BGD&ĐT&SĐH dated March 16, 2004 by Minister of Education and Training).
  • Natural Products Chemistry: Identify, research for bioactive compounds from land, marine and micro-organisms; convert and synthesize them into high valued products for serving in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and exportation. Analyze natural materials and synthesize, analyze structure of natural compounds. Research essential oils and flavor materials for the perfumery, cosmetics, food processing industries and exportation. Synthesize and biosynthesize organic compounds, especially bioactive compounds, precious flavor used in industries and exportation.
  • Bio-Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry: Research and deploy methods for assessing biological activity, micro-organisms criteria and products used in food industry and cosmetic. Developing of technology for exploitation and utilization of natural resources from land, marine and micro-organisms to produce biological products, preservatives, pesticides and bio-fertilizers.
  • Application and Deployment: Research technology for industries on the field of natural products chemistry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. Research and deploy production, trading of chemical for the pharmaceutical chemistry, food industry, cosmetics, electronics industry, biofuels, agriculture, environmental protection, exploration and exploitation oil and gas. Counseling technological transfer, produce processes. Set up collaborations on the field of training experts and international co-operation.
  • The Institute of Natural Products Chemistry is in charge of training post-graduate on the field of Natural Products Chemistry (Code: under the decision 521/TTg on August 20, 1995 of Prime Minister.

During 40 years of development, the Institute has achieved glorious achievements and received many awards from Communist Party and Government like Second Class Labor Medal (2011), Ho Chi Minh Prize for Science and Technology (2003), Vietnam Woman Award (2010) and so on. The Institute is also a strong organization in mutual act ivies.

Annually, the Institute publishes hundreds of domestic and international scientific papers. Publishing dozens of monographs and textbooks. Researches and produces many products used in life.

The INPC has set up scientific cooperation and training with a lot of institutes and universities all over the world like: Russia, France, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Italy, American and so on. Besides, INPC also deploy many protocol projects between governments.

The INPC has trained successfully many PhD students each year, the Institute staffs have taught hundreds of masters and bachelors in which contribute to the training process of highly qualified human resources for the country.