Decision No. 60/2017/NĐ-CP. Signed by: Nguyen Xuan Phuc

A9 Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet str., Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay dist., Ha Noi.
Tel: (024)37564341
Fax: (024)37912224
Director: Dr. Doan Van Binh
Vice-Director: Dr. Nguyen Quang Ninh
  Dr. Nguyen Hoai Nam
  1. PhD. Nguyen Quang Ninh, Institute of Energy Science – Chairman of the Council
  2. PhD. Doan Van Binh, Institute of Energy Science
  3. PhD. Ngo Phương Le, Institute of Energy Science
  4. PhD. Nguyen Thuy Nga, Institute of Energy Science
  5. PhD. Nguyen Dinh Quang, Institute of Energy Science
  6. MSc. Vu Minh Phap, Institute of Energy Science
  7. MSc. Le Quang Sang, Institute of Energy Science
  8. MSc. Nguyen Binh Khanh, Institute of Energy Science
  9. PhD. Nguyen Hoai Nam, Institute of Energy Scienc
  • Researching on energy resources, natural conditions, socio-economic and environment to provide scientific basis for establishing policy, strategy and plan of energy system and national energy security development;
  • Investigating and evaluating the potentiality, researching on exploitable technology and usage of new & renewable energy in Vietnam;
  • Researching and developing technology of energy exploitation, transformation, transmission, distribution, effective usage and energy saving;
  • Studying and manufacturing new equipment and materials in the energy field; trading and importing/exporting technological equipment and investing in the field of energy.
  • Deploying, applying and transferring the result of scientific research and new technology; manufacturing and trading, consulting the services in the field of investigating, planning, designing and supervising construction investment of the energy projects and involved infrastructures;
  • Assessing technological standard and investment of the energy projects;
  • Training postgraduate and specialty in energy field.
  • Implementing international cooperation on science research and energy technological development.
1. Center for Sustainable Energy Research and Development
2. Center for Renewable Energy Technology Research and Development
3. Center for Energy Technology Development Consultancy
4. Laboratory of Clean Energy Technologies.
5. Laboratory of Energy Equipment.
6. Department of Administration.
Total: 60
  • Doctors: 08
  • Masters: 31
  • Bachelors: 19
  • Others: 02
  • Research and deployment, application in the Energy Sector.
ACHIEVEMENT (1/12/2017-30/12/2018)
• Research projects and their funds:
- National research project under the Central Highland program for the period 2016- 2020: 01 project, 5 billion VND.
- VAST research project: 04 projects, 1.4 billion VND.
- Provincial research project: 02 projects, 595 million VND.
- Science and Technology service: 53 contracts, 39.699 billion VND.
• Publications
- Articles in SCI and SCI-E indexed journal: 02 articles;
- Articles in ISSN indexed international journal: 08 articles;
- Articles in ISSN indexed national journals: 05 articles;
- Articles in ISBN and Scopus indexed international conference proceedings: 06 articles;
- Intellectual property license, patent: 01 useful solution license
• Education
- PhD candidate, Master student being trained abroad: 01 staff
- PhD candidate, Master student being trained in domestic units: 06 staffs