The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), a leading scientific and technological agency of the country, has an important position in the national scientific and technological system, and conducts basic research on natural sciences and comprehensive and high-standard technological development. The 2012 is the first year in long term plan to 2030 “advanced project for development of the VAST up to 2020 and orienting to 2030”, it was approved by the Prime Minister in the end of 2011. VAST is always ready for its high-standard technological and scientific potential to satisfy arising issues in factual situations and train high-standard scientific and technological human resources for the country. Derived from the common political tasks of VAST in recent years, VAST is always interested in the training of high-standard (PhD, Master) for his unit and common service country. In 2012, all units were training 392 doctors and 269 masters of the different expertise in the field of natural science. Units in VAST also have sent many of his young staff to abroad to supplement the force of high-standard officials.

Overall, the organizational of VAST is quite stable, complete and synchronous staff high-standard and are quite large in most fields of natural science. Force high-standard staff is always strength of VAST in recent years (compared with other research units and development as well as universities in the country).

Results of postgraduate training achieved in 2012

In 2012, 19 Institutes under the VAST (there is a new Unit) are engaged in postgraduate training and maintaining and further improving the quality of postgraduate training under the new regulations. Of the teaching staff are very enthusiastic in guiding the PhD training. To implement the new regulations of the state, the institute has developed and promulgated regulations on training doctors, under the guidance in Circular No.: 10/TT-BGDDT dated 05/07/2009 of Ministry of Education and Training held a series of measures and management training institutes have been set. The main purpose of these measures is to ensure the quantity and quality of students allowed to institute specialized training doctors and international standards.

Total of 392 PhD and 269 graduate students, including 60 PhD has successfully defended his doctoral thesis and 170 graduate students defended master thesis. Number of PhD and graduate students is increasing every year, is expected in 2013 will train 454 PhD and 199 graduate students. In 2012 has written 23 textbooks and 26 in 2013 proposed curriculum.

From the results of the practice of the Institute under VAST achieved shows the training and retraining of VAST initially meet the requirements was to ensure and improve the quality of education postgraduate of the VAST. However, the initial training is facing many difficulties due to objective reasons and subjective in which bring prominence to the issue of funding for training VAST is very limited. Work competition faced many obstacles due to the specialized topic requires foreign language competition, the compulsory subject, time and equipment for training... is also one major cause of difficulty in developing and implementing training plants of the VAST.

Besides, the master's program affiliated with the Universities: University of Natural Sciences – National University of Ho Chi Minh City, Thai Nguyen University, the Institute also Ministry of Education and Training for implementation of the scheme master's degree International (911).

Overall, the application of the Regulations and Procedures training of VAST issued in enrollment has brought the issue to success in choosing the candidates selection. However, the selection criteria are also gradually be completed as early in the admissions process, regulation of compulsory subject, the time course study (subjects case studies, thematic studies, workshops...) and procedures for the output of Dr...
With the mission of building up human resource with international-standard-competencies, increasing the effectiveness of postgraduate-education activities by combining the research activities and education, VAST had promoted the establishment of Graduate Academy of Science and Technology. This plan was approved by the Prime Minister in the “advanced project for development of the VAST up to 2020 and orienting to 2030”. The establishment of Graduate Academy of Science and Technology will bring the postgraduate-education of VAST to a higher level, promoting the development of the leading experts on natural sciences and technology in the period of globalization today.

Human Resource training activities

In 2012, VAST sent a number of staff to participate in the training of political theory, state management and professional knowledge to initially meet the requirements of preparations; improve knowledge, management skills and profession skills for human resources of VAST. Below were the details:

Training in political theory and State administrative management knowledge

VAST sent 15 leaders and managers to attend administrative- political theory senior class in service for the Party Executive Committee of Central agencies Session II (2012-2014); sent 78 officials to attend State management knowledge training of main expert program and 47 officials to attend State management knowledge training of expert program

VAST co-operated with Hanoi University of Home Affairs to organize “Enhancing human resources management capacity training class for public administrative agencies”. The class was organized in order to improve the skills, analysis, determination of career position and human resource planning, description of the job and recruiting skills in State agencies, especially the examination according to the job title and job position. Through the class, general management office and experts doing the job of human resources organization from 36 units of VAST obtained useful knowledge which directly related to their duty, contributing to the efficiency of dealing with the given work.

Training in knowledge of international economic integration: VAST organized a world economic integration class for staff leadership and equivalent or higher, officials from the main researcher session and equivalent or higher with a total of 170 officials

Professional training: Based on the job requirements, VAST organized a professional training Conference of human resource organization and personnel for staff leadership, function Board, leaders of specialized research institutes, leader of general management office and officials specializing in organization at VAST units. Total number of officials who were trained the professional organization and personnel in 2012 was 145

Abroad training: Implementing the plan of training staff and civil servants overseas, VAST successfully organized the training course of human resource management of science, technology and science, technology management at the University of Osaka, Japan with a total of 20 officials who are leaders, managers and experts to help the VAST’s President, staff leadership of general management office and experts in charge of the organization and staff at the units

In general, the training of the officials at VAST was closely associated with the planning of leaders and managers at all levels of the Academy and at the same time follow of the objectives of the training plan for the officials and public servants which was approved by the President of the Institute.