Project's information

Project's title Effects of large dam construction on sediment variation in the lower Red River
Project’s code VAST05.01/20-21
Research hosting institution Institute of Marine Environment and Resources
Project leader’s name Nguyen Ngoc Anh
Project duration 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2021
Project’s budget 600 million VND
Classify Grade B
Goal and objectives of the project - Assessing changes of sediment loads and sedimentation rates in the lower Red River
- Designing sustainable sediment management solutions in the lower Red River
Main results

- Theoretical results: 
In this project, a mass balance for sediment in the subaqueous delta of the modern Red River was proposed based on major sources and sinks. Accordingly, the Red River is the largest sediment source in the subaqueous delta with about 91,39% contribution of the total sediment inputs. About 47,72% of total sediment inputs has been deposited in the subaqueous delta. The remaining 52,28%, primarily from the dissolved load (54%) of the Red River, is believed to have been transported southward by the dominant southward flow along the coastline. These results confirm earlier evidence indicating that most of particulate matter from the Red River is deposited close to the river mouth. Under present conditions the surficial sediment coarsening in the northern part of the delta front is the result of a combination of the decreasing sediment load of the Red River and the dominant southward flow along the coastline. Our data set from sediment cores at Tien Hai reserve (Ba Lat estuary) and Bach Dang estuary indicate that a decrease in sedimentation rate on the lower Red River may be the result of above conditions. Howeover, recent observations reported that enhanced deposition occurred in the middle Bach Dang estuaries. Therefore, a decrease in sedimentation rate on the Bach Dang estuary was likely caused by increased dredging in the estuarine harbour of Haiphong. 

Products of the project

- Scientific papers in referred journals (list):
(1) - Anh, N.N., van Quan, N., 2020. A tentative sediment budget for the Red River subaqueous delta in the Gulf of Tonkin: A synthesis of existing data. Regional Studies in Marine Science 34, 101005.
(2) - Anh, N.N., 2022. An insight into source apportionment of metals in superficial sediments from the Tien Hai nature reserve of the Red River delta, Vietnam. Marine Pollution Bulletin 185, 114278.
(3) – Nhon, D.H., Thao, N.V., Thanh, T.D., Ve, N.D., Vuong, B.V., Thuy, L.T.B., Loan, B.T.T., Chien, H.T., Nghi, D.T., 2023. Grain sizes and minerals in sediments in a part of the Vietnamese Gulf of Tonkin. VJSTE 65(2), 88-96.

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